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Colorful Bingo Banner_300x250The exciting game of bingo has seen many versions appear ever since the 1500s and many more lucky winners emerge, most often transforming an average, financially struggling worker into a millionaire. Nowadays there are variations of the classic game based on the countries where they are played, e.g. British or American bingo.

But an even more diverse and intriguing array is to be found online: tens of different games involving different numbers of balls are contained by the same site, even by the same webpage. The innovation was introduced in 1996 and has been constantly upgraded and diversified ever since, to the point where there are currently a great multitude of sites offering bingo that the player can choose among.


William Hill Sign Up ButtonWilliam Hill also took advantage of this amazing opportunity and established its own bingo program, now a separate department in its activity and one that receives an increasing amount of attention. The arsenal of gaming options consists of 22 bingo games and 64 of other types and many of them have progressive jackpots attached. These latter goodies are not the only ones available at William Hill Bingo, as a wide list of promotions makes playing bingo at William Hill even more exciting. Should questions or concerns arise, one has the option of contacting the WH staff or can surf by himself through the FAQ and various tutorials.

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The majority of the bingo games available at William Hill are set in a 90-ball format; there are currently fifteen of them: Lucky Numbers Bingo, BOGOF, Willy’s Den, Bargain Basement, Community, Main – open 24 hours, Deal or No Deal Bingo, Willy’s Winners, Speed Bingo, Late Lounge, Lunch Club, Early Bird, Big Time, The Bingo Games and Britain’s Got Talent. More than half of them, eight in number, are brand new additions and promise to diversify the already varied options. Ticket prices can be 2p, 10 p or 15 p depending on the game, but even those digits can be modified for each individual one based on the customer’s preferences.

Other room formats include 75 ball bingo, 75 ball pattern bingo, 80 ball bingo, multi-variant bingo and joker jackpot. Since they altogether comprise nine options, each one of them has one or two variations. 75 ball bingo and the multi-variant version have two: Deal or No Deal 75 Bingo and Diamond in the former’s case and Time Out Tavern and Variety as far as the latter is concerned; ticket prices start at 2p, 5p, or 10 p depending on the game played. The other three rooms offer the following variations: Stars & Stripes (an American-themed game with Uncle Sam as it center figure), Party and Joker Jackpot in the formats of 75 ball pattern, 80 ball and joker jackpot, respectively.

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