William Hill Sign Up ButtonCasual games are unique in their nature, as they do not generally involve any of the traditional casino settings (tables, cards or slots), only some elements that belong to them. Rather, the so-called casual games are based on typical betting ones that are played among friends, e.g. rock-paper-scissors (see below), which adds much excitement and diversity to the already wildly different casino gaming possibilities. When wanting to take a break from the usual roulette, blackjack or slots with all their variations, one can look forward to casual games in order to keep playing and experiment the enthusiasm associated with casinos.

At William Hill, casual games are paid much attention by being constantly updated – older ones are graphically improved, while newer ones are added to the repertoire. The range of themes and settings is also vast – every game practically has its own unique twist. By trying them all, you take your casino experience to a completely new level. Check out the games:

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William Hill Medusa's GazeMedusa is a game inspired by the Greek mythology, where a female monster bearing the name of Medusa had living venomous snakes in lieu of hair and gazing directly upon her would turn one into stone. The game theme is similar to the above description, except that no one playing it runs the risk of becoming a huge chunk of rock. The Gorgon creature stands at the center of a wheel covered by variously colored tiles and you have to mix them by clicking “play”; after that is done, any three or more of them that have been matched anywhere on the designated portion of the wheel are turned into stone by the monstrous look of Medusa – however, they bring you money winnings.

William Hill Wheel of LightWheel of Light at William Hill. Spin the wheel and win for real! This game affords you the opportunity to bet on any of the thirty-one numbers (0 through 30) present on the wheel, which can be done for every individual numeral (x30 payout) or in combinations: hi (16-30, x2 payout), lo (1-15, x2 payout), even (x2 payout), odd (x2 payout), blue (1-7, x4.28 payout), orange (8-21, x2.14 payout), green (22-26, x6 payout) and red (27-30, x7.5 payout); zero, like in the case of roulette, is a special number. Wagers can be placed in £0.2, £1, £5 and £25 increments.

William Hill Frankie's CasualFrankie’s Fantastic 7. The title hints at Frankie Dettori’s fantastic seven horses that are available to wager on; their names are Diffident, Decorated Hero, Lochangel, Fujiyama Crest, Fatefully, Wall Street and Mark of Esteem. Once you choose your lucky stud or the lucky combination of them and place your bets (which can be done in £0.01, £0.1, £0.5, £1, £5, £10 and £25 increments), the race begins. It might not be what you expected, though: the horses race one another by seven cards being dealt for every step they take, with the holder of the highest one being able to advance one position closer to the finish line. Once a certain equine gets there, the race is over and you can count your winnings.

William Hill KenoKeno is a well-known casino and lottery game, but its unique format places it in this special “Casual Games” category. There is a total of 80 numbers to choose from; 20 balls, each having its particular numeric value, are pushed through a tube and land on their respective numbers. You can place up to ten simultaneous bets (the money amount is constant, though, anywhere between £0.1 and £100) on different numbers: the payout increases dramatically as you raise the number of bets and they also turn successful – x10,000 (yes, times ten thousand) when all ten numbers are hit.

William Hill Penalty ShootoutWilliam Hill Penalty Shootout is a game where one can try his/her luck against the goalkeeper by choosing the direction in which to hit the ball (five are available: lower-left, upper-left, lower-right and upper-right corners along with the high-center position), placing a bet on it (any amount from £0.1 to £100) and proceeding with the kick. If the ball reaches the net, the wager turns out successful; if the keeper makes a save, there is always the possibility to re-try.

William Hill Derby DayDerby Day. Every day is Derby day at William Hill Casino and this game gives you the opportunity to be a part of it. Six horses gallop hard to the finish line – you can decide which one will make it there first and be financially rewarded for it. All the necessary tools are provided for you to achieve that: each equine’s record (containing information such as overall rating, wins/competitions or trainer wins/competitions), their respective jockeys’ racing characteristics and the opportunity to compare any two horses and make up your mind on which one is overall better. Bets by themselves are diverse, as there are five main types of them:

    • Winner. This involves betting on the horse that will finish first.
    • Exacta. You can bet on the horses that will end up first and second.
    • Place. Here one can bet on the horse that will finish first or second.
    • Show. The possibilities are further diversified by allowing wagers on the equine that will take either first, second or third place.
    • Pick IV – V. Care to predict the exact finishing place that each horse will achieve? You can do that for four or five of them, at the incredible payout of x276.63!

The great part is that categories 1, 3 and 4 allow for placing several (up to six) wagers at once.

William Hill Classic SlotWilliam Hill Reels is the name attributed by William Hill to its classic slot machine game, an entry that can also be found in the “Slots” section, having been also added here due to its particular format. One can bet on any one cherry or any two cherries, with the payouts fixed at x2 and x5, respectively; for all three, there are bells, grapes, watermelons, lemons, oranges, plums, cherries and crowns, with the more generous payouts of the following multipliers: 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 50, 75 and 100, respectively.

William Hill Dice TwisterDice Twister. You don’t have to physically twist them, just rolling will do it. There are three dice and you can bet on the roll’s outcome; that includes any single number in the three-way combination, the sum of the values or the odd/even bet for each particular dice. The values’ sum betting option is diversified by offering the possibility to wager on individual results (4 through 17 are available, with their respective payouts), lo (3-8), mid (9-12) or hi (13-18). Also, when betting on individual numerals, one of a kind will pay x2, but two of a kind will bring in x3 and if your luck provides for three of a kind, you will get x15 back!

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William Hill Heads or TailsHeads or Tails. This is the classic game that you get to play with two other golf buddies while hanging out and having a few beers. Bets can be anywhere from £0.1 to £100, you can flip one or two coins at once and also choose to consecutively flip up to three times (provided that all three involve successful bets, otherwise the round will end prematurely).

William Hill Pop BingoPop Bingo at William Hill is, as its name suggests, a bingo-type game. The gamer will find quite unique from the very onset, though, as it involves an already-completed fifteen-number card and a ninety-number board with a corn popper right below it. As soon as one decides upon his/her card (clicking “New Card” will generate an altogether different random grid) and hits “Play”, the kernels start popping up, each one of them falling on a unique number until the 90-number table is all covered. In order to win, one’s card has to be completed within as few pops as possible; thus, for every £1 wagered, the payouts are the following depending on the number of pops that took to complete the card: £10k for 40, £1k for 45, £100 for 50, £50 for 57, £10 for 60, £5 for 65, £4 for 70, £2.50 for 75, £2 for 80, £1.75 for 82, £1.50 for 84, £1.25 for 86, £0.50 for 88 and £0 for 90.

Genie’s Hi-Lo Jackpot. This is the Genie Hi-Lo game that has a progressive jackpot attached which can be worth several thousand pounds. All that is required for it to be won is the successful advancement to the eleventh and last betting round: play your cards for a chance to be the lucky conqueror and take possession of the spoils!

William Hill Around the WorldAround the World. This trip will not only take you places, but will pay you to visit them. That you can do by spinning the wheel and anticipating how the next result will be compared to the current one (lower or higher). Reaching the first national landmark, the Eiffel Tower, takes seven successful predictions. Then, another seven are required to get to the Statue of Liberty, fourteen to reach the Great Wall and twenty-one to travel to the final destination – the Big Ben of London. Thus, as one can see, reaching the next destination takes another seven steps, sometimes a rather tough thing to do, but the good part is that the player is entitled to one strike along the way; reaching Paris should turn out to be a piece of cake. However, getting to London will also get you to become rich!

William Hill Genie's Hi-LoGenie’s Hi-Lo. In this case, the Genie is not some huge guy coming out of a bottle and wearing a turban, quite the opposite: it is an attractive young lady holding up cards. These are twelve in number and you get to pick one that will be revealed. After that is done, you are asked whether the “next card” will be higher, lower, black or red. Once you decide which of these categories it will fall into, the deck is re-shuffled and the Genie holds up a different set of twelve cards – this is when you get to pick the aforementioned “next card”. If your prediction about its relative value proves to be true, the bet is a winning one and you have the option to either continue playing or cash out.

William Hill Rollercoaster DiceRollercoaster Dice. The game lives up to its name, one that suggests excitement and adrenaline. Its complexity is like that of a rollercoaster and the payouts can bring about the same wild emotions. Two dice are rolled for up to eleven rounds. After the first roll, you are asked to predict how the next one will turn out compared to it: lower, lower or same (in some cases), higher or same (also only in some cases) or higher. If the prediction is successful, the game continues on to the third round and thus up to the eleventh. The following are payout rounds: fifth, seventh, ninth and eleventh – for every £1 wagered, the rates are £4, £7, £13 and £30, respectively and upon reaching any of the intermediate payout stages, the player has the option to either cash out or keep playing for a chance to win more.

William Hill MegaballMegaball. Inspired by typical bingo lottery games, this one offers a wide range of betting options. In fact, there are eight distinct wagering opportunities, called “games”:

    • Jackpot. Pick five correct balls out of six and you’re the new jackpot winner!
    • Colors. Red, yellow or blue? Choose one of them and then the number of balls that will be of that color after the draw. Payouts vary from x2.70 for two correctly predicted balls to x1450 for six of them.
    • Cocktail. Here you have the option to bet on a combination of blue, yellow and red (cocktail) or two of them (double cocktail).
    • Sixth. Guess the sixth ball by anticipating its color (blue, yellow or red) or number (1 through 48).
    • Steps. Increasing or decreasing? You decide whether each ball will be higher than the previous or, as a send option, lower than the previous. If you successfully predict either of these hierarchies, the payout will be x680.
    • Numbers. Choose up to four balls, with the following odds: 1×7.60, 2×71, 3×820 and 4×12,300.
    • First & Last. Compare the values of the first and last balls (first higher than the last or vice versa).
    • Total. How much do you think the grand total will be? The following intervals are available to bet on: less than 50, 51 – 100, 101 – 140, 141 – 160, 161 – 200, 201 – 250 and more than 251.

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William Hill Bonus BowlingWilliam Hill Bonus Bowling. A ten pin bowling game, this one allows you to bet on how many of them will be knocked out during a two-throw round. You can wager on 0 – 3, 4 – 6, 7 – 9, spare or strike, with the odds set at x2, x3, x5, x10 and x25, respectively. Individual bets start at £0.1 and go as high as £50; they can be simultaneously placed on several different outcomes.

William Hill Rock-Paper-ScissorsRock-Paper-Scissors. This game is one of the most basic gambling inventions and its usage in the world is ubiquitous: almost all cultures have it, each calling it by its own name. William Hill Casino gives you the opportunity to play it online, against the computer. Place your bet (anywhere on the £0.1 – £50 interval) and let the duel begin! By beating the opponent, you will earn as much as the sum wagered, but if you think you can end up successful for a few times in a row, try your luck by betting on a 2, 3 or 4 winning streak, where the payouts are as high as £8.70, £26 and £78 for every wagered pound, respectively.

William Hill Jackpot DartsJackpot Darts. Bet on the throws’ outcome and receive the greatest payouts! You have jackpot, singles, doubles, trebles, outer bull, inner bull, lo/mid/hi and 1-20 singles to choose from and the progressive jackpot attached to this game can be worth tens of thousands of Euros.