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William Hill Sign Up ButtonSlots, or slot machine games, are played by spinning the reels of the machine as a result of pushing the designated button. At first, it was a lever that triggered the spinning, also called an arm, which gave the machine the nickname of “one-armed bandit” (in part due to its ability to “rob” the player). It was during the late 19th century that the game was conceived in San Francisco, California, USA and ever since it became increasingly popular. Nowadays, with the addition of online casinos, slots are prevalent over the Internet and sometimes they are available in wildly different versions and formats (the various popular themes and the special rules associated with them account for most of that phenomenon).

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William Hill, one of the most respected and trusted online gaming venues, also offers up for play an impressive number of slots. The greater majority of them are 5-reel slots (the rest are 3-reel), but the number of lines that can be bet on varies from 1 to 50. Below is a listing of all slots available at William Hill Casino, classified based on the number of lines that they offer:


William Hill Gladiator With JackpotWilliam Hill Gladiator Jackpot (5 reels, 25 lines). This is the regular Gladiator slot game that has a progressive jackpot attached.

William Hill Frankie's Magic 7Frankie Dettori’s Magic 7 (5 reels, 25 lines). It is based on Frankie Dettori’s career and features the Magic 7 bonus, along with a free games horserace.

Samba Brazil (5 reels, 25 lines). Get ready to go to the carnival in style and earn the Samba Music bonus, where you pick maracas and win cash prizes or free games.

Atlantis queen (5 reels, 25 lines). Surf through the legend and get either of the two bonuses that come with it: the Pearl bonus and the Atlantis Temple Bonus.

Fantastic Four Game ImageFantastic Four 50 Lines (5 reels, 50 lines). They’re all fantastic and all have distinct features about them, but the one thing they have in common is presenting you with free games and a progressive jackpot.

Hulk 50 Lines (5 reels, 50 lines). Muscle up your winnings with fifty different lines to choose from!

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Iron Man 2 50 Lines (5 reels, 50 lines). Bulked up to 50 lines, the opportunities for you to win are also pumped up!

Dolphin Cash (5 reels, 30 lines). Embark on a Jacques-Cousteau-like mission and locate the elements necessary to trigger the Dolphin Cash bonus.

Cops N’ Bandits (5 reels, 30 lines). Bring the criminals to justice and get deservedly rewarded for that.

The Mummy (5 reels, 25 lines). Based on the movie, it features its main characters and two bonuses: the Lost City Adventure bonus and the Mummy Hunt bonus.

Wild Games (5 reels, 25 lines). As the games are wildly diverse, so are the bonuses: Freestyle Swim, 100m Dash, Balance Beam and Win a Medal.

The Jazz Club (5 reels, 25 lines). Go to the club, and as you enjoy the atmosphere, the Jazz Solo bonus will invite you to enjoy free games.

William Hill Great BlueGreat Blue (5 reels, 25 lines). This is another underwater-diving type of game. Find at least three pearl shells and receive the bonus!

William Hill Pink PantherPink Panther at William Hill (5 reels, 40 lines) – a slot game based on the well-known cartoon.

Rocky (5 reels, 25 lines) – a slot game featuring Sylvester Stallone’s arch popular character.

Lucky Panda (3 reels, multiple lines). Be careful as you wade through the jungle and run across its exotic animals. The panda bear is your best friend and encountering it three times or more will bring about the bonus.

Gladiator (5 reels, 25 lines). Join the action and earn the Coliseum bonus or the Gladiator one.

Football Rules (5 reels, 25 lines). Align the players, referees and stadium for a chance to win the game!

Hot Gems (5 reels, 25 lines). Grab the pickaxe and start digging for the precious stones, finding the right combination will award you free games.

William Hill Tennis StarsTennis Stars (5 reels, 40 lines). Swing the rackets and win the Championship bonus!

Alien Hunter (5 reels, 25 lines). Board the inter-galactic ship and go after the weird creatures, two bonuses are there to motivate you.

Thrill Seekers (5 reels, 50 lines). Be a thrill finder, as you ride the roller coaster and other wild amusement structures and end up with an additional thrill: that of winning bonuses.

Golden Games (5 reels, 25 lines). Play them like a true athlete and go all the way to earning the Olympic Flame bonus.

William Hill Iron ManIron Man (5 reels, 25 lines). This game is as exciting as the character that it’s based on, with one bonus, two special features and a progressive jackpot.

X-Men (5 reels, 25 lines). This game involves the X-feature, three types of free games and a Marvel multi-level progressive jackpot.

Iron Man 2 (5 reels, 25 lines). The Iron Man is back and so are the great features, the latter joined by new ones, Stacked Symbols among them.

The Incredible Hulk (5 reels, 25 lines). Based on the popular character, the slot game offers some strong incentives, too: the Smash bonus, free games, Expanding Hulk and a Marvel multi-level progressive jackpot.

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William Hill Ghost RiderGhost Rider (5 reels, 20 lines). Apprehend the ghosts and earn free games, the Ghost Hunt bonus or the multi-level progressive jackpot.

Thor (5 reels, 20 lines). The Mighty Avenger is there to turn the tables in your favor and have you rewarded, not only with money, but also with free games and a jackpot.

William Hill Plenty o' RichesPlenty O’ Riches at William Hill (5 reels, 20 lines). The Wishing Well, the Pot of Gold and the Leprechaun are joined by the wild Rainbow in their quest to fetch you plenty of riches.

Sultan’s Gold (5 reels, 20 lines). Go for the gold in this Aladdin-inspired game and end up with free games along the way.

Daring Dave (5 reels, 20 lines). Be as courageous as Dave and start the Quest for the Eye of Ra, which can be done by having pyramids anywhere on reels 1+5 and lasts for three full episodes.

Ghosts of Christmas (5 reels, 20 lines). This eerily-themed game is not meant to scare anyone, only offer players prizes, Marley’s free games and the Ghosts of Christmas bonus.

Dragon Kingdom (5 reels, 20 lines). Enter the epic domain and locate the necessary elements: the Dragon has a feature attached while the Floating Island awards free games.

Blade (5 reels, 20 lines). Wield the sword and win free games, enjoy the blade symbol split feature and rake in the multi-level mystery progressive jackpot.

Kong (5 reels, 20 lines). Get ready to explore the jungle again, as you have to find the Kong symbol and earn either of the two bonuses, if you find Kong the animal, you will be awarded free spins.

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Fantastic Four (5 reels, 20 lines). Each of the four main characters has a special feature attributed, free games can be won and there is a multi-level mystery progressive jackpot.

Elektra (5 reels, 20 lines). She handles the weapons like no other fighter and lets you choose your lucky one (sword, star or bow) as soon as you get the Weapons bonus. A multi-level progressive jackpot is also available.

Daredevil (5 reels, 20 lines). Defy the elements and be a winner! Free games, the Bull’s Eye feature and a multi-level mystery progressive jackpot are there to encourage you.

Easter Surprise (5 reels, 20 lines). The game features the bunny (wild symbol), eggs, the egg basket (three or more trigger the Easter Eggs bonus) and the special gift (three or more lead to free games).

William Hill Halloween FortuneHalloween Fortune (5 reels, 20 lines). Wind your way through the scary night as you encounter witches, lit-up pumpkins, medallions, potions, ravens and black cats. The bonus pot symbol can launch the Witches’ Brew bonus.

Ice Hockey (5 reels, 15 lines). Choose your two favorite teams for a confrontation and end up a winner anyhow! Keep swinging the stick and win the Pass the Puck bonus.

Vikingmania (5 reels, 20 lines). Wander through the Scandinavian forest and find the necessary people and tools in order to win, the Viking Playtime bonus is there to motivate you in your quest.

Wings of Gold (5 reels, 20 lines). Board the airplane and hang on tight, as the Medal of Honor bonus is coming right at you! Besides, there’s the xtrawin playing mode.

Football Fans (5 reels, 20 lines). Be a true fan as you cheer for your favorites and earn free games while also enjoying the Grab a Beer feature.

Goddess of life (5 reels, 20 lines). Join the world of legend, find the right combination of temples and win the Crystal Cave bonus; a free games feature is also present.

Top Trump Celebs (5 reels, 20 lines). They are Sean Connery, Nicolas Cage, Owen Wilson, 50 Cent, Colin Farrell and Johnny Depp (this guy is wild – OK, at least the symbol representing him in the game is). However, more celebrities can be used as symbols, all one has to do is replace a default one with the one of his/her choice. Either way, there’s a Red Carpet bonus and free games available.

William Hill Beach LifeBeach Life (5 reels, 20 lines). Let the sand and the waves exhilarate your body and soul and let the cash winnings go out of control!

Desert Treasure II (5 reels, 20 lines). Wind your way through the hot desert and find the required symbols in order to earn a hot bonus.

Mr CashBack (5 reels, 15 lines). The cigar-smoking mogul extends his hand full of cash to you! Earn stacks of bills and if that is not enough, there are sacks filled with gold coins waiting to be taken.

Football Legends (5 reels, 15 lines). You might already have guessed who they are, but we’ll list their names, anyway: Johan Cruyff, Alfredo Di Stefano, Bobby Charlton, Franz Beckenbauer, Michel Platini and the one and only Pele (his symbol is wild and deservedly so). Let them play to your advantage and also bring about the Wall of Fame bonus.

Santa’s Surprise (5 reels, 20 lines). At William Hill, Santa comes by every day and brings amazing presents. One of them is the Christmas Gifts bonus.

Take 5 Million (5 reels, 20 lines). Join the high society and earn prizes worthy of that status! Line up the gold bars and let the bonus round commence.

World Football Stars (5 reels, 15 lines). Just like in the case of Ice Hockey, the first thing you do is pick two teams to play each other. After that, watch the match and let it play for your benefit.

William Hill Desert TreasureDesert Treasure (5 reels, 20 lines). Finding oases might be refreshing, but locating maps with compasses will direct you straight to the bonus round.

Lotto Madness (5 reels, 20 lines). It’s insane! That’s what truly characterizes the quest for lottery symbols in this game.

A Night Out (5 reels, 20 lines). You goin’ out tonight? If not, you definitely should, since the club is rocking! Cocktails and hot girls are there for the action, beers are wild and the bartender hands out bonuses.

Wild Spirit (5 reels, 20 lines). A true characteristic of Native Americans, this game can also make you go wild after earning what it has to offer.

Dr Lovemore (5 reels, 20 lines). The jovial doctor can heal any sadness or bad feeling by inviting people to his party and offering them amazing opportunities to win.

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William Hill Highway Kings ProWilliam Hill Highway Kings Pro (5 reels, 9 lines). Life is a highway, as the song goes, and so is this game. Get in the truck and start racing hard, a checkered flag anywhere on reels 1+5 will welcome you to the finish line with a hefty bonus.

Everybody’s Jackpot (9 reels, 8 lines). Yes, it belongs to everybody willing to spin the reels of this exciting slot.

Gold Rally (8-line video). Speed through the mine tunnels and find the gold.

Chinese Kitchen (8-line video). Are you up for seafood, duck or something more eccentric, like snails, turtles and caterpillars? You don’t have to eat them if that’s your wish; all that is necessary is for them to line up.

Vacation Station (8-line video). There’s nothing more exciting than going on vacation and this game acknowledges that by offering various means of transportation for you to travel by. That includes blimps, submarines, yachts and personal airplanes.

Captain’s Treasure (5 reels, multiple lines). Arrrgh! Shiver me timbers, I have found the chest! That’s what you could be shouting after entering the Captain’s world.

Queen of the Pyramids ImageQueen of the Pyramids (5 reels, multiple lines). She’s there reigning over them, but she doesn’t have to be the only one. You can be crowned, too.

Highway Kings (5 reels, multiple lines). Here you can be crowned again, this time as King of the Road. Line up the trucks and watch the earnings line up, too.

Silver Bullet (5 reels, multiple lines). Yee-haw! Welcome to the Wild West and remember: watch out for the sheriff badges and the pistols, they will make your experience truly wild.


William Hill Spin 2 Million DollarsSpin 2 Million $™ (5 reels, 5 lines). This is the world of money, with dollar stacks, precious coins and gold bars. But the more exciting part is safes that wait to be cracked (as soon as the bonus is earned), along with briefcases full of money that can be snatched.

Cinerama (5 reels, 5 lines). Become a movie director by finding the right combination of tools, which include microphones, reels (the cinematographic ones), scripts or lights.

Wall St. Fever (5 reels, 5 lines). Here’s your chance to trade at the New York Stock Exchange and earn considerable revenues from the activity.

Golden Tour (5 reels, multiple lines). You might not be a pro golfer in real life, but here you get the chance to go expert. Find three or more scatters of the same kind on consecutive reels and the bonus round will be activated.

William Hill Diamond ValleyDiamond Valley (5 reels, multiple lines). Descend into it and find the stones, along with $’s, gold-carrying birds and other symbols.

Fruit Mania (5 reels, multiple lines). They’re delicious and very good for your health; here you have cherries, plums, oranges, grapes, apples, strawberries and lemons. A cocktail can be mixed and it has scatter value.


Ugga Bugga (3 reels, 10 rows). This game has the traditional African culture for its theme.

Tropic Reels (3 reels, 5 rows). Enter the exotic jungle world and locate the frogs, parrots, flowers, pineapples, citrus fruit and tigers (they are wild, both in real life and as a game symbol).

Ocean Princess (3 reels, 5 rows). Explore the magic ocean kingdom as you swim along with its siren princess and discover the seahorses, crabs, turtles, anchors and sea stars. The wild element is the royal crown.

William Hill Goblin's CaveGoblin’s Cave (3 reels, 3 rows). The greedy creature has hoarded lots of gold and precious stones and it’s up to you to rescue them.

Triple Profits (3 reels, 3 rows). They could be quadruple in your case, just line up the $’s, gold bars, safes, dollar stacks and other pecuniary symbols.


Fountain of Youth (3 reels, 3 lines). Playing this game might not restore your physical youth, but is sure to make you feel younger than ever.

Haunted House (3 reels, 5 lines). Beware of the Count and his witches but do not get too scared, your emotions will only be positive when matching the symbols.

Bermuda Triangle (3 reels, 5 lines). There’s no risk of being mysteriously lost, only the chance to find the already disappeared ships and planes, along with the still-present whales, dolphins and octopi.

William Hill Neptune's KingdomNeptune’s Kingdom (3 reels, 5 lines). Welcome to the Marine King’s domain, where besides sea animals you can encounter nymphs, typical symbols, and most enticingly, treasure chests.

Rock n’Roller (3 reels, 5 lines). That is the title you’ll earn once you get to play the game: all the necessary instruments along with records are there to help you in your “career”. Get up on the stage and get rocking!


Alchemist’s Lab (3-reel classic). Mix the right concoctions and bring about the gold! Three books will start the bonus round.

Crazy 7 (3-reel classic). The sevens are of four colors: red, green, blue and purple. Line them up for a chance to go crazy with the winnings.

Jungle Boogie (3-reel classic). Explore the wonderful jungle and find the fishes, jaguars, chimps, parrots, gorillas and tigers.

Magic Slots (3-reel classic). Roll the dice, wear the rings and turn out the magic hats, this game will reward you in a magical fashion.

William Hill Funky MonkeyFunky Monkey (3-reel classic). A bearded monkey dressed in purple playing hand-beat drums at a bar sure is funky, but after spinning the reels you might get that way, too.

Party Line (3-reel classic). Get ready to go to the most exclusive party, where you can enjoy great drinks and the best music! Line up the cocktails, musical instruments and party hats for a chance to win big!

Sultan’s Fortune at William Hill (3-reel classic). Dig through the Sovereign’s riches and find the precious items, the most valuable of which is the magic hat.

Tres Amigos (3-reel classic). Hola y bienvenidos! Spin the reels and line up the three amigos! Or the tacos, cacti, pimentos, guitars and other items that are required for a good fiesta.

8-Ball Slots (3-reel classic). Do you like bingo? Play it in the slots format and find yourself shouting “bingo!” at the end.

William Hill Safe CrackerSafecracker (3-reel classic). Crack all three locks and pamper yourself with the money that you find.

William Hill Reels (fixed odds slot). This is the traditional fruit machine and anyone looking for a truly classic format will enjoy it.