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William Hill Sign Up ButtonVideo poker is a category that William Hill has widely covered and new items are constantly added to the list of available games. This poker format was devised in the 1970s, when the technological advancements of the day permitted the setup of a game based on five-card stud displaying many similarities to slot machines. Nowadays, as technology is far more advanced, so are the game graphics and playing speed. Video poker machines are ubiquitous throughout casinos all over the world and enjoy a high level of popularity, a fact especially true when it comes to the people of Las Vegas.

Since the introduction of online casinos, video poker has become increasingly available on the Internet, with multiple games and their wide variations offered up for play. Just as is the case with all other types of casino games, it is possible to add many variants without great costs to the house or the player. William Hill understands that perfectly by constantly bringing in new additions, while giving away bonuses, jackpots and other incentives for the already established ones.

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The most popular video poker game, Jacks or Better, also enjoys that status at the William Hill casino, with Aces & Faces and Deuces Wild trailing behind, along with versions such as All American or Megajacks. Take a look at the William Hill video poker repertoire and decide which game/games you like best.

Jacks or Better Multihand ImageJacks or Better Multihand. When in doubt as to how many hands to bet on at the same time, give Jacks or Better Multihand a try. You will not regret it, since here you have 1, 4, 10, 25, 50 and 100 hands to choose from. The limits are as follows: minimum bet – €0.01, maximum bet – €50 and double up limit – €5.

William Hill Jacks or BetterJacks or Better at William Hill. This is the classic, or full pay, version of the game, where five cards are dealt to the player face-up and he/she can decide to hold on to as many as he/she would like. Then, a second dealing round ensues, where the held cards team up with the newly-produced ones (their number is determined by how many cards were not held during the first round) to form a five-card poker hand. Payouts vary according to the hand value, but betting more credits (up to five) per round also increases the theoretical return rate for the player. Thus, one bet credit carries a 98.4% theoretical return, while five bet credits bring the same indicator to 99.5%.

Jacks or Better Paytable

William Hill Aces & FacesAces & Faces is a Jacks or Better variant where, most notably, the payout table is different. Otherwise, there are also two dealing rounds and the possibility to hold on to the cards of choice. For this particular game, the minimum bet is £0.05, the maximum one is set at £25, the double up limit at £100 and there is no maximum number of rounds.

Aces & Faces Paytable

William Hill 10's or BetterWilliam Hill 10’s or Better. It can be considered a variation of Jacks and Better, since the name modification precisely depicts the change in the game rules, too. Thus, any pair of tens (instead of jack) or higher is the lowest payout hand.

William Hill Deuces WildDeuces Wild is a video poker game where all twos are wild, and in a fashion similar to Jacks or Better, there are two dealing rounds. The paytable is also slightly different, set so as to accommodate the wild quality of all twos.

Deuces Wild Paytable

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Four Line Jacks or Better4-Line Jacks or Better. As the name suggests, there are four lines that can simultaneously be wagered on – one line is revealed during the first round and the player has the opportunity to hold any desired cards. Then, the held cards apply to the three other lines and the second drawing round begins. At this point, you have four lines and each one of them gives you the chance to win. When that happens, you can either double or double half your sum.

10-Line Jacks or Better10-Line Jacks or Better. Ten hands can be synchronously played, thereby multiplying the winning chances and the progressive jackpot makes things look even more exciting. The minimum bet is €2.50, the maximum one is €12.50, the double up limit is set at €1,000 and there is no cap on the number of rounds that can be played.

25-Line Aces & Faces25-Line Aces & Faces. Here the action becomes a lot more exciting, as 25 different hands are dealt to the player at the same time. During the first round, one hand is dealt and the option to hold cards is offered, these are played on all 25 lines. Once that is done, the second round commences and all the cards are revealed. It is almost impossible to walk away with no win, but in order for it to be greater than the bet a strategy should be devised. The minimum bet constitutes £6.25, the maximum one is £125, the double up limit is £2,500 and there is no maximum number of rounds.

50-Line Jacks or BetterWilliam Hill 50-Line Jacks or Better. If 25 lines aren’t enough, William Hill offers video poker games with 50 lines – one of them is the very popular Jacks or Better. This version might enjoy the greatest popularity from you after being given a try. As with regular Jacks or Better, there a two drawing rounds; during the first, the player can hold certain cards and the second is decisive for the hand. You can wager £0.25, £0.50 or £1 per hand, resulting in a sum of £12.50, £25 or £50 for one betting credit. Betting anywhere between one and five credits makes the total bet per round range in the £12.50 – £250 interval.

William Hill Joker PokerJoker Poker is a video poker game that involves the use of one joker as a wild card, but also sets the requirement for kings or better as a payout hand. Bets can be placed using the £0.05, £0.1, £0.25, £0.50, £1, £2 and £5 increments and considering the betting credit system, the total bet for any given round can be as low as £0.05 and as high as £25.

Joker Poker Paytable

4-Line Aces & Faces4-Line Aces & Faces – the Jacks or Better alteration is also accessible in a four-line format at William Hill, where the player can simultaneously place wagers on four different hands, thus increasing his/her chance for winning.

William Hill MegajacksMegajacks at William Hill is a Playtech video poker game that has Jack or Better for its basis. The one thing that it distinctly possesses though is the attachment of a jackpot to it. The minimum bet is €0.25, the maximum one reaches €1.25, the double up limit is set at €1,000 and there is no maximum number of rounds.


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William Hill 2 Ways Royal2 Ways Royal. This is a game for anyone who seeks diversity and doesn’t resort to only playing Jacks or Better when it comes to video poker. What do you think its name implies? You might have guessed it, there are two royal flushes: the traditional 10-J-Q-K-A of the same suit (called Hi Royal Flush in this game) and the 2-3-4-5-6 of the same suit (referred to as Lo Royal Flush). And do you know the best part? They offer identical payouts!

2 Ways Royal Paytable

William Hill 4-Line Deuces Wild4-Line Deuces Wild. The twos are wild and the four hands to be bet on at the same time make the game rather wild, too. Limits are as follows: min bet – €0.20, max bet – €20, double up limit – €100, max rounds – none.

William Hill All AmericanAll American is a variant of video poker based on Jacks or Better where the payout rates are modified, which attracts players. Straight flushes, four of a kinds, flushes and straights all offer better payouts, while two pairs and full houses offer slightly less.

All American Paytable William Hill 50-Line Joker PokerWilliam Hill 50-Line Joker Poker. Here you have the opportunity to play the joker wild on 50 lines at the same time. Hold on to your cards of choice during the first round then watch them match within any of the fifty hands during the second.