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The William Hill poker department does not lag in any regard behind sports betting or casino. Quantity and quality are both taken into consideration when managing existing games or adding new ones and the web pages are configured in a friendly format.

In order to start playing, you have to download the William Hill poker software, create a free account and log in. After that, the options for games and tournaments are plenty and so are the promotions.

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William Hill Poker BannerIn the user-friendly lobby, there are nine ways a player can choose to go:
    • Texas Hold’em, the world’s favorite poker game and WSOP’s game of choice. Each player receives two personal cards and then five community ones, the best five from seven wins. William Hill offers the limit, pot-limit and no-limit variations, where blinds can be from 1 US cent to 600 US dollars.
    • Omaha High Poker. Named after the capital of Nebraska, this game is more like Texas – well, its Hold’em version. The main difference is in the fact that Omaha High players are initially dealt four cards instead of two, but the way winning hands are formed is peculiar, too: three out of five community cards are to be used along with two hole ones.
    • Omaha High Low Poker. This is a great alternative for those wanting some diversity in the Omaha High game. You might not be the lucky winner of the whole pot, but sharing it with the best high hand when yours is only the best low one doesn’t look so bad after all.
    • 7-Card Stud. It was once the most popular type of poker and still is the most popular in Las Vegas. Although the total number of cards and the way of forming a winning hand are similar to those from Texas Hold’em, dealing is altered. Each player first receives two cards face-down and then one face-up. After that, four community cards are drawn with a betting round for everyone of them.
    • Sit & Go Tournaments. They put online poker games in the express lane, thus making it possible for you to join ten-seat or six-seat tables rapidly and at any time. The only downside might be the requirement for all the seats to be taken, but that usually happens really fast. With a minimum buy-in set as low as 1 GBP and the maximum one amounting to 500 GBP, there’s plenty of choices for any kind of players and the second and third bests get a share of the prize pool, too.
    • Multi-Table Tournaments. Here one can go one level above Sit & Go, considering that both playing fields and money prizes are bigger, perhaps exponentially so in some cases. A multitude of single-tournament-type tables are joined together in a single room and their number is constantly reduced by re-seating the survivors of incomplete ones. The process continues until there is one table left and its winner is declared. A winner that takes all the money, too, as the system here is thus designed.
    • Cash Games. Due to their format and conditions, regular poker players cherish them the most. The blinds never increase and the buy-in range goes from 20 to 100 big blinds. This way, if you were to join a 1 GBP/2 GBP table, you could buy in with any sum between 20 GBP and 400 GBP. Another relaxed feature is the absence of a set number of players that have to be at a table for the game to take place: as long as more than one are present, the action will begin and continue until the last of them leaves.
    • Speed Poker. The designation is not about the velocity of game play, but the rapidity with which you can join a new table once you fold at a given one. That also implies that you don’t have to wait for the opponents to act, just speed off to another table that might better suit your expectations or playing style.
    • Casino Side Games. Although hardly related to poker, they are in the lobby in order for the player to take a break from poker and explore the casino games that William Hill has to offer.

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Tournaments by themselves are classified into the following categories:
  • Exclusive Tournaments. They can be the 45,000 GBP Super Series, Side Games Freerolls, Bankroll Builder or All-In Madness.
  • Weekly Tournaments. There are seven main types of these: Friday $50,000, Saturday $30,000, Sunday $200,000, $50,000 Craze Jackpot, Monday Night Omaha, Steps Tournaments and Knockout Tournaments.
  • Jackpot Sit & Go Tournaments. You can be the lucky winner of one of these: the Fort Knox Jackpot, the Rio Jackpot, the Maui Jackpot or the Dirty Dozen Jackpot.

William Hill Sign Up ButtonBut when counted one by one, the William Hill poker tournaments make up several pages of information every day. Hold’em is by far the most popular format that they are played in, with Omaha getting a share of the action and 7-Card Stud being the least tried.

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When it comes to promotions, William Hill offers them for poker in an even larger assortment than it does for casino. New players have several enticing prospects in this area:
  • A first deposit bonus of 200% up to 1,200GBP. There is a 90-day period during which the full amount (yes, double the first deposit) can be redeemed – all a player has to do is keep accumulating points by being active at tables.
  • First deposit freerolls. The new depositor receives four entry tokens to the weekly $1,000 freeroll promotion and one entry token to the monthly prize freerolls pool. Both are designed especially for new depositors and the monthly prizes include new laptops, Play Stations, Nintendo Wiis, or Samsung Omnia phones.
  • New player weekly cash races. While not containing as big cash sums as the first deposit bonus, these events reward everybody in the top 10, and also give consolation prizes to everyone down to the 200th place.
  • New player exclusive events.
  • Poker boot camp. While the name certainly has an appeal for new players, the camp enlists experienced ones, too. There are four levels, each composed of three military ranks. Work your way through the levels so you can go from private all the way to general!

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