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William Hill Betting Venue Lobby

Sports betting is by far William Hill’s most practiced activity, in fact the brand’s founding stone. In 1934, when the company was founded, sports betting was its exclusive business and remained so even after William Hill had gone online: only in 2000 was the casino branch created. Nowadays, despite being an all-inclusive firm, William Hill still focuses a lot of attention and energy on its sports betting field.

William Hill Sign Up ButtonThus, the range of bets and odds is vast and the types of events covered are even more varied. First of all, football is held in high regard at William Hill; it is possible to bet on the most obscure games of the most obscure tournaments or leagues. But a more exciting prospect is that you can wager on the minutest details of major matches. Care to predict the correct score? Or do you want to designate the top scorers? Is handicap betting the thing for you? These, and many others, are all possible.


William Hill Sports Betting PromotionsThe main covered activities are football, tennis, cricket, horse racing, greyhounds and the virtual world. However, this does not limit the opportunities to bet on other sports: American football, baseball, basketball, hockey, handball, motor sports, athletics, darts, futsal, golf, rugby, snooker, volleyball and the list goes on. Politics, although requiring much exertion, might not be qualified to be a sport but are covered, along with financials, by William Hill: an elected official might actually bring about significant improvement into your life (from a pecuniary point of view, at least), all you have to do is choose him a winner beforehand. Another interesting and unique field to bet on is called “TV/Specials” and it can be dubbed sports betting because it does include sports events, but only to a limited degree. The most popular specials are whatever is most followed at a certain point in time, e.g. “what will William and Kate name their baby?” But you can always bet on weather specials, which despite being shown on TV can be watched without it as well; record temperatures can also make you gain a record sum of money. Here’s a list of other competitions that are regularly covered by William Hill:
  • The X Factor ShowThe X Factor. Simon Cowell’s talent show with its unpredictable twists and turns can add a lot of excitement to betting. Watch your favorite singer survive throughout the contest stages and let the sweet melody of winning a bet soothe you.
  • The Voice Talent Show The Voice. Also a singing talent show, this one has its own rules and way of unfolding events. Ultimately, though, if you see real-quality singing abilities in a certain contestant and the judges agree with you, much like in the case of the X Factor, wagering on that prospect will bring in consistent winnings.
  • Europe's Prime Time Singing ContestEurovision Song Contest, by far Europe’s most popular singing competition and one that can wreck nerves, which makes it a perfect choice for betting enthusiasts, too.
  • Dancing with the Stars ImageDancing With the Stars. Amidst a few singing shows, a dance one also stands available, and one featuring celebrities in action with top-notch professionals.
  • BBC Designates Sports PersonalitiesBBC Sports Personality of the Year. How about an awards ceremony? And one about sports, too. Watch the giant media outlet BBC hand out the eight trophies to various athletes and possibly a huge sum of cash to you.
  • Celebrities Faced with the WildI’m a Celebrity…Get Me out of Here! Which pampered star do you think will adjust to the tough jungle life? And not only that, but take over as king or queen?
  • Schlag Den RaabSchlag den Raab. A German TV show where contestants battle the Raab in wildly different fields. It takes much determination to keep going and make it to the final stage.
  • Always a Great ReliefComic Relief. The series of programs is designed to keep one laughing, but betting at William Hill does not involve that talent in a traditional competition kind of way. Rather, it is about how much money any particular show will raise.

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William Hill Sponsors SoccerFootball is indeed the most covered activity at William Hill sports betting, and it was so ever since 1934, when the company was founded. As England lifted high the World Cup trophy in 1966, Mr. William Hill had just opened the first government-regulated shop, commencing the era of his company’s expansion with great enthusiasm on the part of English bettors. That trend continued, to that level where today anybody can feel the excitement of football confrontations, as they are so many and so specific to the person’s country or city. William Hill BannerAt least in Europe they are: the UK has 15 different leagues covered (they can be English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish), the two main UEFA competitions (Champions’ League and Europa League) are fully available and four Italian leagues can be bet on. France, Germany and Spain each have three leagues covered by William Hill; Austria, Holland, Belgium, Greece, Turkey, Ireland and Poland have two and countries like Romania, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Russia and Denmark have their top championships available for wagering. International football, too, receives a lot of attention. If not as constantly action-packed as the European one, it still keeps one interested and sometimes absorbed in the action. The latter happens when the World Cup gets played, an event that by far outweighs any other not only in terms of athletic importance, but also as a betting prospect. Every four years, William Hill gives you the opportunity to cheer for your favorite team and make money at the same time or simply make a knowledgeable estimate of who’s better than who and be financially rewarded for that.

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Racing receiveLightning-Fast Horse Racings much attention in all its various forms: horses, greyhounds, motor sports, cycling, rowing and different types of winter sports. Horse racing, by tradition, is the most popular of these to be bet upon and William Hill takes that into account by intensively covering it (competitions all over the world and some virtual ones, too, are available). But that does not restrict the wagering opportunities for Formula 1, NASCAR, or motorbike racing fans: quite the contrary, sometimes these activities might get even more coverage.