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Opening an online betting account is very easy to do, it is also extremely convenient, no more trip to that dodgy bookie round the corner, and live up to date odds available from the comfort of your own home

Steps to take to open a betting account

  1. Pick the best bookmaker
  2. Enter your details. You will need to add a deposit method too, if you don't like using your bank card you can use paypal
  3. Deposit the amount you wish to bet
  4. Start betting

Getting started

To start off with you will need to pick a bookmaker, as you might have guessed there are hundreds about. Have a look on our Top Bookmakers page to find a suitable one. They are all tried and tested.

Click on the "register" or "join up" option and fill the form!

Depositing and betting

Now you have an account you are ready to deposit some money to bet with. 

When you are ready to bet, pick the event you wish to bet on and good luck!

Remember, you don't have to just stick with the one bookrmaker, you can open accounts with as many as you like or also you can open a vip account to have all in a single account!