Steven Silverman is the Winner of the Season 9 EPT Grand Final €25,000 High Roller

[Всего: 1   Средний:  5/5]
The €25,000 High Roller competition at the 2013 PokerStars and Monte-Carlo® Casino European Poker Tour Grand Final has passed its final stages. The prestigious event was won by Steven Silverman, who also attained the largest score of his career.
Place Player Prize
1 Steven Silverman €775,400*
2 Tony Gregg €760,000*
3 Fadar Kamar €760,000*
4 Vanessa Selbst €290,300
5 Toby Lewis €232,400
6 Chris Moore €193,500
7 Igor Kurganov €154,700
8 Victor Sbrissa €116,100
Steven Silverman Image
*Denotes a three-handed deal.
When the final day of play commenced, Silverman was third according to the number of chips and all the attention was focused on defending champion Igor Kurganov and Team Poker Stars Pro Vanessa Selbst. Kurganov defeated a field of 133 players and won this event in 2012; he was looking for a spectacular repeat, while Selbst won the $25,000 High Roller at the 2013 Poker Stars Caribbean Adventure and entered Day 3 of this tournament as a chip leader. You can also play poker via agent, take your seat as much comfortable as you want and start winning lots.
Kurganov’s hopes for a miraculous back-to-back feat were shattered as on his final hand of Ace of DiamondTen of Diamonds he went all-in with against Silverman’s Ace of ClubsQueen of Spades with the blinds worth 15,000/30,000/4,000 during Level 23. The community cards were revealed as Seven of HeartsSix of ClubsThree of DiamondsJack of DiamondsTwo of Clubs, having Kurganov eliminated with €154,700 in money won.
As the next level unfolded, Selbst re-raised to 185,000 Tony Gregg’s raise of 80,000. Gregg replied by making it 480,000 to go to which Selbst further responded by going all-in for about 1.8 million. Gregg called, with his Ace of ClubsKing of Clubs to compete against Selbst’s Queen of DiamondsJack of Diamonds. Initially, Selbst was in the lead when the flop turned out to be Queen of ClubsFour of ClubsTwo of Diamonds, but the turn was Eight of Spades, with the river showing Ace of Spades, thus making Gregg the victor and locking Selbst in fourth place at €290,300 in winnings.
When the three-handed action began, a few attempts at striking a deal were made, unsuccessful at first. Later on, Silverman, Gregg and Kamar agreed to a deal that earned €760,000 each and left €15,000 and the title to be contended for. Fadar Kamar quickly fell in third place, leaving Silverman and Gregg to play for the trophy, the extra cash amount and the Shamballa Jewels bracelet.
The two are good friends and went for a little break where they enjoyed some coffee; after that brief respite, Silverman rapidly stretched his lead over Gregg, precipitating the final hand play.
That occurred when both competitors went in, Silverman with Ace of SpadesJack of Spades against Gregg’s Two of ClubsTwo of Hearts. On the flop, Six of HeartsFive of DiamondsThree of Hearts, Gregg took the lead but the Jack of Clubs turn made Silverman the front runner. That title stuck to him when the Jack of Hearts river was revealed and eliminated Gregg with €760,000 to take home.
Silverman scored the extra cash, bringing his total to €775,400 – the best performance of his career and all the more exciting since he entered the tournament via a €3,000 satellite.
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