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Get Original Betfair accounts with ACC-EX

Account Exchange is a betting service with no limits. They have made a big name for themselves in the betting industry in recent years. Ever since they have appeared on the market in 2016, their name has been a hot topic amongst the bettors all around the world. With each passing year, their reach grows, and we invite you to become a part of their influential family.

So what exactly do they do, you might ask. Well, the answer is simple: they are a betting broker, and, as this title suggests, their main objective is to help the bettors who, for a variety of reasons, cannot open the betting accounts at the bookmaker directly. Working as an intermediate, not only do they help you get the accounts you desperately want, they also help you manage all financial transactions and provide around-the-clock customer support services, who are a team of professionals is ready to answer any questions you might have at any given time.

The reasons to choose Account Exchange

These days, most bookmakers close their doors to bettors from an ever-growing list of countries – even those, where betting is fully legal, – without providing a reason. Account Exchange has been built so that people from these countries, for whom betting is their favorite pastime, could enjoy their hobby without any worries.

Want to open original betting accounts and not the pitiful chunk of it they allow you to have? Maybe you want Betfair’s Cash-Out function, or Bet365’s unlimited markets, or Pinnacle’s API? Now it’s possible – courtesy of Account Exchange.

All of it sounds too good to be true, and this is precisely the reason why we have waited with writing this review, opting to test it out instead. As it happens, Account Exchange did not disappoint.

Betting service with no restrictions

They can help you with getting an account from the biggest bookmakers, such as:


Of course, the main culprit in blocking people is Betfair. It’s a pity since it offers such nice perks like Cash-Out function and its own API on top of having the best odds on the market. With Account Exchange, you can still bet on the full version of the exchange no matter where you are from!


The largest sportsbook in the world, Bet365, in infamous for limiting accounts as soon as the bettor starts to win. This is not a problem for Account Exchange, who can provide the solution to this problem to anyone who needs their help. Sounds like magic? Maybe it is!


The empire of Pinnacle, consisting of with its lesser versions, could never compare to the original Pinnacle account with the number of markets and limits cut almost in half. Have no fear: there is a possibility for you to get the original one to satisfy all your betting needs.

This is, of course, not all. Take a look at the original betting account reviews, and get an account for yourself before they end: remember, the offers are limited!

If you don’t find the bookie you want in the list, you can always just contact them on chat and 5-star customer support will do anything in their powers to help you.