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I like exploring new territories and 3et is one of them with a lot of resources to explore. We will get started right away. 3et is a sportsbook which is licensed and provides to its customers an unrestricted access to the global betting market. It belongs to Eurasia Sports Limited which is in Alderney. This new comer in the world of sportsbook is licensed by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission with the id: 1857. Sign up on the best betting software and start betting on 3et today. Later on we will again discuss the various ways to enjoy the odds and markets of this sportsbook.

3et features

  • From their slogan built for bettors, we can deduce that they have the right features specially designed for all the players, professional and beginners. If you are a fan of soccer and US sports betting then you have come to your final destination.
  • They offer unrestricted betting.
  • Also, you can have market leading odds.
  • Last but not least, there is no commission. How wonderful, my advice will be that you should seize this opportunity today because it might change in the future.
  • The odd formats available are decimal and US.
  • The system is designed to suit the demands of professional bettors. With the real the following features which will soon be integrated:
    • Real-time position monitoring
    • Market odds visualizations
    • Integrated brokerage
  • With all these amazing features, it will be sad if the site is not accessible on a number of device like smart phones and tablets apart form computers. Fortunately for us, it is accessible for all and has an easy to use interface and a fast mobile web app.
  • Also, there is no hidden fee so do no waste time and sign up on 3et via the best betting agent.

How to get Started

All the ways to get an account are already listed above. First via the best betting software we know VIP-IBC, the first link above and then via the best betting agent also BET-IBC. Do not worry I will explain everything. VIP-IBC is a betting software where with one account you can have access to more than 10 bookmakers. One of the bookmakers you will have access to is 3et of course and other to asian bookmakers. With these many bookmakers in one account you will be able to choose the best odds in the market and higher limits.

Basically, if you want to bet on 3et then this is a good way to go about, signup on VIP-IBC and bet on 3et offers and if you find better offers on another bookie on your VIP-IBC account you can bet on it too to maximise profit and gain more.

Another way is to signup directly to 3et via an agent. If you sign up in this way, you will only get offers of 3et only whereas if you choose the method above you will have the offers of 3et and 10+ top Asian bookies on VIP-IBC and hence can always have the best offers. In case you have any doubt, please contact us via chat below. In case you have any doubt, please contact us via chat below.

I cannot finish this review without mentioning some sports and markets which they offer. Let the above amazing features of 3et make us forget that it is a new sportsbook. As sport offers they have football, US sports like american football, NBA basketball and ice hockey. Football lovers can access the games in 45 different countries including those played in the different leagues per continent. The other sports are US sports.

Additionally you have 1 x 2, over/under and handicap markets available, these will eventually change with time like I said before it is a new sportsbook hence it is will time that the offers will increase. You can do live betting or bet before the match starts. The can place 1 eur stake nevertheless, the minimum bet will be displayed on the bet slip after choosing an even, a market and odds. I also suggest checking this option for high volume bettors.