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Most of the card games available at William Hill are variations of blackjack; however, poker also receives quite a bit of attention, baccarat can be regular or live and wild Viking (a game that falls into the table games category, too) is accessible in one version.

Blackjack is a card game that has a comparison for its basis – the player competes against the dealer by comparing hands and aiming to earn more points, while not exceeding the 21 marks (commonly referred to as “busting” or “going bust”). Initially, both contenders are dealt two cards, after which either one has the option to “stand” or “hit” – the former means renouncing to draw any additional cards and locking in the sum of the current ones (done in order to avoid busting), while the latter implies drawing one more card at a time so as to improve the final score. There are more options based on the specific variation of the game; particular requirements are present within some, too.

Card Games Animated BannerThe modern game of blackjack evolved from an old (the first surviving written evidence is found in a short story by Miguel de Cervantes dating back to 1601) game of unknown origin called twenty-one. Blackjack’s name was coined as the game was introduced in the United States: venues would often offer bonuses meant to stimulate their clients, one of them offered a ten to one payout if the gamer’s cards were the ace of spades and a blackjack (that of spades or that of clubs). Such a hand was referred to as “blackjack” and even though the bonus attached to it was soon after withdrawn, the name stuck to the game as a whole.

At William Hill, the standard betting increments for blackjack are £0.1, £0.5, £1, £5, £10, £25, £100, while the minimum bet constitutes £1, with the maximum as high as £100.

Perfect Blackjack BannerPerfect Blackjack – The game itself might not be flawless, as one interpretation of its name would suggest, but the unique rules and possibilities make it a perfect choice when playing at William Hill casino. Another interesting fact that makes it a great gaming choice is the close similarity in rules to the Las Vegas Strip Blackjack, you can play a Vegas game from anywhere in the world. Feel free to contact the best betting agent to get your casino account now to play Blackjack!
William Hill Blackjack UKBlackjack UK – this game is played based on the British rules, but in a setting and format structure similar to the ones found on classic blackjack.
William Hill BlackjackWilliam Hill Blackjack – the classic version that William Hill offers for play is complex in that it gives one the opportunity to simultaneously bet on five hands, but that’s not the only aspect that accounts for its complexity: insurance is available and it pays 2 to 1, while the dealer must draw to 16 and stand on all 17s.
William Hill BaccaratBaccarat – is a game of chance that has its origins in the Middle Ages – the earliest documentation source dates back to the early 1400s, when the game was brought from Italy to France. Later on, three main versions stood out: punto banco (also called “American Baccarat”), chemin de fer and banque; the first of these came to be the most popular one and its mini table variation is what most online casinos offer today, William Hill among them. The betting options at WH are £0.1, £0.5, £1, £5, £10, £25, £100, with a minimum of £1 and a maximum of £100. Since William Hill’s baccarat is only playable in the punto banco mini table format, the banker is the only one who shuffles and/or deals and there are three simple betting opportunities: banker (he has the highest score), player(his hand fetches the most points) and tie (this event involves a 9 to 1 payout). Also, the game is played with six decks of cards.

William Hill Caribbean Stud PokerCaribbean Stud® Poker at William Hill – This game has rules that are similar to the ones of five-stud poker, is played only against the house and derives its name from first becoming widely popular among venues in Aruba.

William Hill Casino Hold'emCasino Hold ‘Em – represents the Texas Hold’em variation adapted for being playable against the house; thus, there are only two players, as with blackjack: dealer and player. Initially, they are both dealt two face-down hole cards and three community ones, at which point you can either call or fold: if opting for the first, two additional cards will be drawn and the best-of-seven hand is the one that designates the winner.

William Hill Live BJLive Blackjack – How about playing blackjack in a real casino while behind your computer screen? Yes, that is an option, as William Hill and Betfair casino via ACC-EX broker offers its customers the opportunity to contend against real-person dealers. The atmosphere is that of a land-based casino, but much cozier, since there’s no noise associated with large crowds of animated gamers – there are only great-looking ladies dealing the cards or spinning roulette wheels.

William Hill Tequila PokerTequila Poker – is an exciting casino poker game, where the player does not compete against anyone for the best hand, but winning or losing are decided upon by using predetermined values. After four community hands are revealed, one has three options: high tequila, tequila poker or fold. When going for either of the first, two, another couple of cards are revealed and the player ends up victorious or loses the bet.

William Hill Live BaccaratWilliam Hill Live Baccarat – Here one has the opportunity to play against the casino as though it were a brick-and-mortar establishment: all he/she has to do is log in and place bets while assisted by a real croupier (an attractive young lady, for that matter) and contend against the banker.

William Hill Pai GowPai Gow Poker – is a unique online casino poker game where the player competes with the house for the best hand: a bet is placed, after which seven personal cards are dealt to both dealer and player. Then, the “house way” option pops up, thereby enabling the player to form two different hands (one two-card and the other five-card) in order to attempt beating the dealer. Playing Pai Gow Poker gets even better after you receive some bonuses and promotions for casino!

William Hill Blackjack SurrenderBlackjack Surrender – is essentially classic blackjack with the “surrender” option, whereby a player can give up his hand and receive half the bet back if the dealer has checked for blackjack after the initial two card have been dealt.

William Hill Wild VikingWild Viking – is an exciting and unique combination of roulette and poker, which is why it can be listed as both a table and card game. The table layout is similar to the roulette one, except that instead of numbers, cards are used – the regular 52 are placed in a rectangular 13×4 grid, while the jokers are situated at the lower-left corner of the table. Besides the typical roulette-like bets (in this case on particular cards, suits, columns, ranges, etc.), there are the poker hands ones and the wild Viking option. The latter implies being dealt jokers as the first and respectively, last cards in the five-card hand (which the dealer draws for both sides of the contest) and typically has a payout worthy of its name: 1,250 to 1.

William Hill Red DogRed Dog – is a poker variant with unique hand value assessment and where one or more individuals play against the house. Initially, two cards are drawn by the latter and based on their value, a third one might be produced. The player wins or loses based on the value of this single hand.

William Hill Progressive BlackjackWilliam Hill Progressive Blackjack – is the classic version of the game that has a progressive jackpot attached to it, thus making it particularly exciting, as it offers you the chance to win a mammoth sum of money anytime that you play.

William Hill PontoonPontoon. Also a blackjack variation, this game involves five hands that the player can wager on at the same time, a two to one payout and the requirement for the dealer to hit on 16 and soft 17 and stand on hard 17.

William Hill StravaganzaStravaganza – is a blackjack variation that has a pleasant twist to it: the 21-point limit has been eliminated. Simply garner more points than the dealer by summing up the values of the three cards in your hand and you’re the winner. However, should you feel less confident about your cards, there are options along the way – after receiving the first two cards (dealt face-up, while the dealer has already received all three cards, face-down), you can do the following:

  • If the card total is less than five, the hand can be folded and your bet refunded
  • If the card total is in the 6 – 9 interval, the hand can be folded with half the bet paid back
  • When the hand value is ten or greater, you can “sit”, which means continuing to play without betting any further
  • Or you can “play on” by placing a second bet amounting to the value of the ante; at that point, the dealer will produce a third card and the game goes to showdown.

William Hill 21 Duel BJ21 Duel Blackjack – is a variant of the game that initially deals two personal cards (one face-up, the other face-down to the player, both cards face-down to the dealer) and two community ones (both face-up) and gives the player the option to “hit” or “stand” (the former implies revealing the face-down card, while the latter involves discarding it).

So milk our know-how to master all things blackjack. How to play the game is only the beginning—how to win will be up to you. Open an account via betting agent, and make your dreams become true within limited time.