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Casual games are unique in their nature, as they do not generally involve any of the traditional Casino settings (tables, cards or slots), only some elements that belong to them. Matchbook was one of the first companies to start offering this type of games, so you can get a Matchbook account with an agent we trust the most – BET-IBC – to get the full Classical experience.

Rather, the so-called Casual Games are based on typical betting ones that are played among friends, e.g. rock-paper-scissors, which adds much excitement and diversity to the already wildly different Casino gaming possibilities. When wanting to take a break from the usual roulette, blackjack or slots with all their variations, one can look forward to Casual Games in order to keep playing and experiment the enthusiasm associated with casinos.

The nature of Casual Games allows for constant updates – older games are graphically improved, while newer ones are added to the repertoire all the time. The range of themes and settings is also vast – every game practically has its own unique twist. By trying them all out, you take your casino experience to a completely new level.

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Online Casual Casino Games offer players from all walks of life a simple and fun experience without having to have any previous knowledge or experience in that field. It brings back memories of when we were experiencing computer games for the first time, with the mini-games and limited controls, allowing for complete relaxation and enjoyable pastime.

Amongst the most popular ones, there are such titles like “Medusa” and “Wheel of Light”, all the way to the famous “Keno” game and all fun variations of dice games. You can enjoy all of them from just one account: get an original Bet365 account with the only broker on the market who can open it – Account Exchange – now, and you can spend today’s evening having fun!