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Poker Players ImageThe casino industry has come a long way, with regard to both quantity and quality. Once limited to affluent neighborhoods of certain large cities, brick-and-mortar venues are now present in virtually any country and are affordable to people of many financial statuses. Online casinos, too, have witnessed one boom after another since being introduced during the late 1990s. The availability of a large number of games and their further variations made them very attractive and the low costs associated with playing got one thinking that perhaps land based casinos don’t make that much sense anymore. Matchbook online casino via betting agent is one of the most well-known online casinos nowadays. Check out the hard facts and see if it suit all your preferences.
But virtual games, however diverse and exciting, can hardly compensate for the traditional casino atmosphere. Yes, there are no driving costs, no exorbitant food & drinks charges and no extensive planning that has to be done ahead of time. The player simply logs in, places bets and sees the action unfold. But the unique casino setting is reduced to colorful webpages crammed with the main products.
William Hill Live CasinoIs there a way to combine the two, to get the best of both worlds? Yes! It’s called Live Casino and while it may not imitate the noise and commotion to be found at a typical brick-and-mortar establishment, it absolutely brings about the feeling of playing in a real casino due to its croupiers, tables and room set-up. This innovative concept requires exertion and constant dedication in order to be successful: even though not as expensive as land-based casinos, live online ones still need many professionals and high-performance technology to keep running well. At least three rooms are necessary: a live studio, an analyst’s room and a software one. Then, at least one cameraman is required, along with multiple croupiers, a pit boss, and an IT manager that could rapidly solve any technical problems.


Some companies go as far as setting up their own television channels where they can host their live casinos; remote controls can be used to place bets. Others prefer to limit this type of casinos to their websites, William Hill and Matchbook among them. Check out Matchbook review via agent and find out more information. While the firm employs other media than the Internet, it only does so in the case of sports betting, its staple product.
The William Hill Live Casino is great without being on TV, though, especially when considering that it can also be played on an iPad. The graphic design of the webpages is simple yet attractive and leaving nothing to be desired, any game is only one click away!
Live Casino LogoFor those less familiar with live casinos, video tutorials are available, wherein a few clips (each around 2 minutes long) everything that needs to be known about playing live casino games is clearly explained. The FAQ section provides information of this nature, too, along with some technical details. If questions still linger, go to the Rules section and see detailed descriptions of roulette, baccarat, and blackjack played in the live format.
Due to high maintenance costs and so many other expenses associated with running a live casino, slots are altogether absent from it and the main available games are blackjack, baccarat, roulette and casino hold’em (sic bo could be found at certain live casinos, too). After all, these are the games where a live atmosphere makes a significant difference; slots cannot be placed in that category, nor can any other casual games that the player attends to by himself even in a brick-and-mortar venue.

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William Hill provides the four main types of live games, along with some variations:

  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Casino Hold’em
  • Sports roulette
  • UK roulette
There are 54 dealers to choose from, a number made up from many attractive young ladies and a few respectable gentlemen. They are all professional and ready to assist you in any casino matter. Open your own betting account via agent and start the unforgettable casino experience which will make you a constant winner.


To add more excitement to the live casino experience, William Hill has set up a VIP program whereby any client can upgrade their player status and benefit from the many additional features offered. Although labeled invitation-only, entry is possible by updating one’s account status to contactable after which one of WH’s account managers will proceed calling and “inviting” the person. Once in the club, you can see for yourself the great advantages of going VIP:

  • Higher cash bonuses
  • A personal VIP manager
  • Highly professional service from the VIP hosts (all London Mayfair trained)
  • Chances to be invited to hospitality events
  • High-stakes gaming at the “Salle Privee” – private room in French – tables, where roulette, blackjack and baccarat can be played in a special, advantageous format
The only requirements to comply with in order to join the VIP club and remain there are constant activity (regularly playing at tables), a good level of play (either higher-stakes or when making frequent deposits) and loyalty (it is not only a necessity, but also a money-rewarded quality).

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Promotions, though not many, are still intriguing. The new player bonus is worth 25 GBP and involves some terms and conditions:

  • The first deposit has to be 25 GBP or more
  • The first deposit needs to be turned over 8 times, for a total stake of 200 GBP or more
  • As soon as the second requirement is met, the player can contact the William Hill customer service team and they will credit his/her account with 25 GBP or currency equivalent.
Another condition set for the first player bonus is the restriction on the types of bets that can be placed, applying to betting, roulette and baccarat. Thus, in the case of roulette, the following wagers are not permitted and do not count toward the New Player Bonus:
  • Bets on all dozens
  • Bets on all columns
  • Bets on both 1-18 and 19-36 (as low-high)<
  • Bets on both Even and Odd
  • Bets on both Red and Black
  • Bets that cover all numbers
When playing baccarat, bets cannot be placed on both Player and Banker or on both Player pair and Banker pair.
Live Casino Sports RouletteThe exclusive sports roulette is another exciting promotion, or at least it is very much so for sports fans. Experienced dealers from the UK stand ready to chat 24/7 about any of the latest sports events and their knowledge of them is never lacking. Moreover, their anecdote repertoire is rich as well and guaranteed to keep you entertained.