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William Hill Sign Up ButtonScratch cards are at the basis of instant lotteries, where the winner can be determined incredibly fast – in fact, as soon as the ticket has been scratched and its contents have been revealed. Computer-generated instant lotteries were devised during the 1970s and about a decade later, scratch cards were already patented in various countries. Nowadays, these tickets and the games that they represent are growing in popularity at a rate that surpasses any other form of lottery.

A great portion of scratch cards are available in print form; there are currently two major producers of them: Scientific Games Corporation (owning facilities in North America, Europe, South America and Australia) and Pollard Banknote (based in the US and Canada). Many popular themes and games have been adapted to fit the scratch card format, including the FIFA World Cup, Marvel Comics, Harley Davidson, the National Hockey League, poker, Monopoly and blackjack. However, there are downsides to the use of printed tickets, the huge amount of litter being one of the most conspicuous. You can Play Casino with the best betting Exchnage Betfair. Just open your Betfair account with ACC-EX Agent today and start your bettig experience.

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William Hill eliminates any disadvantages associated with print-form scratch cards by offering the same exciting action in electronic format. Not only that, but the wide accessibility of various popular themes (many of them inspired directly by slot machines) makes William Hill scratch cards a clear winner when it comes to offering both diversity and environmental consciousness. Take a look at their wide repertoire that is constantly expanding and try your luck by playing these exciting games:

 Footbal Legends GameFootball Legends Scratch at William Hill. Let the championship begin! This game is set in the “Top Trumps” format and involves the major football legends: Pele, Franz Beckenbauer, Bobby Charlton, Gerd Muller, George Best, Michel Platini, Marco Van Basten, Alfredo DiStefano and Zinedine Zidane. Card can be bought for £0.20, £1, £5, £25 and £100, which can bring in winnings of up to £37,000 depending on the initial price. There are seven boxes that can be scratched: six on the card and one in a separate entry called “Prize” – if any of the six symbols on the card matches the “Prize” one, the player is declared a winner.

William Hill Avengers ScratchAvengers Scratch. The Avengers await you! Join their superhero world of legend and become a super-winner of cash; the game offers you this fantastic opportunity. All that is necessary for that status to be acquired is matching three symbols in a row or column: the card contains nine boxes and there are nine different symbols that can appear on it – seven characters and two specific logos. Each symbol carries a different payout: x1, x2, x4, x5, x10, x20, x50, x100 and x500. Match the Avengers logo according to the above-mentioned rules and each pound that you play will yield five hundred!

William Hill Captain America ScratchCaptain America Scratch is another scratch card game offered by William Hill that is based on Marvel superhero characters. The card is set up in a 3×3 format and there is a total of seven symbols that can be revealed on it, each with its own particular payout. Bets can be placed in the £0.20, £1, £5, £25 and £100 amounts, which can in turn yield up to £1k, £5k, £25k, £125k and £500k, respectively. In order for at least a win to occur, symbols must be matched either three in a row or three in a column.

William Hill Gladiator ScratchGladiator Scratch. Based on the phenomenal movie that reflects the tough life of a Roman general-turned-slave, this game offers you the opportunity to come out victorious by matching any of the seven symbols (the Coliseum at x1, Juba at x2, Antonius Proximo at x4, Senator Gracchus at x10, Lucilla at x20, the villainous Commodus at x100 and the Gladiator Helmet at x5,000) on the three-by-three ticket, which can be done either in a row or a column. Bring justice to the land and financial awards to your pocket!

William Hill Punisher ScratchPunisher Scratch. This game has the Punisher: War Zone movie as a popular theme basis. Also a 3×3 card game, this one has six theme-associated regular symbols that can be revealed plus a special one: when triggered anywhere among the boxes, it leads to the bonus round. Bets can be placed in the £0.20, £1, £5, £25 and £100 increments which can designate someone the lucky winner of up to £200, £1k, £5k, £25k and £100k, respectively. Match the pistols, Uzis, ravenous mobsters or logos in order to be the next lucky winner!

William Hill Fantastic 4 ScratchFantastic Four Scratch. The game itself is rather fantastic, in that it offers a four-by-four card with seven symbols that can appear on it, from Planet Earth at x1 all the way to Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic at x10,000. In order to win, you have to match four symbols on any line, column or diagonal and if the entire team turns up on any line, a free card will be awarded to you.

William Hill The Mummy ScratchThe Mummy Scratch. Enter the twisted mystical world of Ancient Egyptian pyramids without running the risks associated with doing it. Simply match any of the six symbols (they can be human characters or the less-so mummy) on the three-by-three card; there is a seventh one that will trigger the bonus round, called the Lost City bonus, where you are taken inside a pyramid and are faced with six sealed crates, each one containing a money prize – it’s up to you to choose one.

William Hill Rocky ScratchRocky Scratch. Be a part of Rocky’s matches by selecting an opponent for him to battle. There are three to choose from: Apollo Creed aka “The Master of Disaster”, Ivan Drago aka “The Siberian Bull” and Clubber Lang aka “The Southside Slugger”. Once the match is determined upon, you see the fighting scene and its result – knockouts by Rocky can pay out up to x5,000. In any case, it’s guaranteed that at least one of the three opponents will get beat up by Rocky at any given time, you decide who that villain is.

William Hill Hulk ScratchWilliam Hill Hulk Scratch. Also a game that has raw muscle at its theme basis, this one can make you a powerful winner, too. There are six regular symbols: the Incredible Hulk logo at x1, helicopter at x2, police car at x10, green potion at x20, nuclear sign at x50 and Hulk’s brawny complexion at x1,000. Match three anywhere on the nine-box square card in order to win, or find the “Smash Bonus” sign anywhere on it and win the bonus!

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William Hill Ghost Rider ScratchGhost Rider Scratch. Scratch to find the skull! This eerily-themed game features the evil Marvel Comics characters, the Ghost Rider logo, the scroll and the book. In order to bring about the win, three symbols must be matched in a row or in a column on the three-by-three card. Bets can be placed in the £0.20, £1, £5, £25 and £100 amounts, their maximum possible payouts are £1k, £5k, £25k, £125k and £500k, respectively. Don’t get too spooked out, as the money you can win is guaranteed to more than contrast any such emotion!

William Hill Elektra ScratchElektra Scratch. Based on the Marvel Comics femme fatale character and exploring her amazing weapon-wielding abilities, this game allows you to be just as terrific at winning cash. Simply match the three symbols (sais, bows or shurikens) in a line, column or diagonally with wildly different payouts, e.g. the bottom line pays x1, while the upper-right to lower-left diagonal yields x10,000. However, that is not all: in addition to the set payout, there is a win multiplier for every round which can be as high as x20 (thus, the aforementioned diagonal could fetch a payout of x200,000 in a fortunate case).

William Hill Blade ScratchBlade Scratch. This game is based on the deadly character and the weapons that he so adroitly handles. The card contains nine boxes, only four can be scratched (the other five are revealed so as to let the player know what he/she could have chosen instead) but three symbols have to be matched anywhere on the board, regardless of their arrangement.

William Hill Thor ScratchThor Scratch. A superhero-themed game, it involves six symbols that portray some of the characters at different payouts and the Thor logo with the ice sledgehammer topping them all at x1,000. Another intriguing aspect is the golden coin that triggers the bonus wherever it may appear. Cards can be bought for £0.20, £1, £5, £25 and £100 – their payouts can be as high as £200, £1k, £5k, £25k and £100k, respectively.

William Hill A Night Out ScratchA Night Out Scratch. How about a night at the club, where the disco and bar offer irreproachable services? This is the theme of the game, with symbols being represented by beers, five different types of cocktails and three stunning-looking girls. Just locate three identical symbols anywhere on the card and you’re the next lucky winner!

William Hill Lotto Madness ScratchLotto Madness Scratch. This is a mix between the classic lottery bingo game and the instant scratch card one. There are up to three different cards to choose from during the same round: one, two or all three can be bought and scratched. That takes place after the rolling of the five bingo balls reveals the five lucky numbers. Besides numerical entries, cards can have bonus ones which when revealed trigger a playing round with a Wheel-of-Fortune-type of device. Just click on “spin” and see what amount you get to win.

William Hill Dolphin Cash ScratchDolphin Cash Scratch. This is the scratch card equivalent of the slot game available at William Hill under the same name. The symbols are also identical, being represented by different sea creatures. Match three dolphins in a row in order to win up to £10,000 or find the gold coin labeled “Dolphin Cash” to get a cash prize.

William Hill Irish Luck ScratchIrish Luck Scratch at William Hill. Find the Leprechaun! He is hiding in one of the three pots of gold, which are actually the constituent parts of the scratch card. Pick the lucky pot and the little bearded reddish creature will show himself, along with the “prize” in a forth pot (it represents the payout, e.g. 1x or 5x). Cards can be bought for £0.20, £1, £5, £25 and £100 – the first three offer winnings up to £1k, £5k and £25k, respectively, while the last two carry the same maximum prize: £37k.

William Hill Top Trumps ScratchCelebs Scratch. It is a game set in the “Top Trumps” format and it features George Clooney, Mariah Carey, Nicolas Cage, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Christina Aguilera, Sean Connery, Brad Pitt and Madonna for its symbols. The card (which can be bought for £0.50, £1, £2, £5 or £10) contains six boxes, with a separate seventh one called “Prize” located slightly to its left. Simply match the prize symbol to any of the six on the main card to win!

William Hill Kong ScratchKong Scratch. This game is based on Kong: The 8th Wonder of the World> (a Ubisoft video game) and King Kong (a 2005 movie). The card contains six boxes (three rows and two columns) plus a separate one called “prize”; the symbols are represented by the Kong, the main movie characters and the King Kong logo. In order to win, just match the symbol in the “prize” box to any of the six ones on the main card.

William Hill Iron Man 2 ScratchIron Man 2 Scratch. Match three energy reactors! That can be done in a row, column or diagonally. When that is achieved, a prize box above the 3×3 card is simultaneously scratched, revealing the winnings’ value. Of course, that numeral increases as the card is more expensive; you can buy it for £0.50, £1, £2, £5 or £10 and the maximum prize amounts to a whopping £100k.

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William Hill Winner's ClubWilliam Hill Winners’ Club. Join the organization and benefit from it fully! This game offers much diversity and interesting action. Basically, you buy a set of 10 tickets, each of them containing nine boxes in the 3×3 format and proceed to scratch them all. If any three amounts, e.g. £50, £50 and £50 are located on the same card, that is the sum of money that you get to win. There are four options for tickets: Classic at £0.50 a piece, Silver at £1 a piece, Gold Jackpot at £2 a piece and Platinum Jackpot at £5 a piece; obviously, the latter two have progressive jackpots attached.

William Hill Pharaoh's KingdomPharaoh’s Kingdom. Enter the mystical domain! This game also features a main card containing six boxes and a separate “Prize” one. All you have to do in order to win is match the symbol in the latter to any of the six in the former; cards can be purchased for £0.50, £1, £2, £5 or £10 and the maximum payout reaches x10,000!

William Hill 3 Clowns3 Clowns. Match the three hilarious individuals in a row, column or diagonally and take advantage of the chance to win up to £100k! The card (purchasable for £0.50, £1, £2, £5 or £10) contains nine boxes in a three-by-three format and the “prize” box is situated above it, being simultaneously scratched, thereby revealing the prize to be won if the trio makes its appearance.

William Hill Roulette ScratchcardRoulette Scratchcard. This is a unique addition, one combining two very popular gambling activities: roulette and scratch cards. There is a roulette wheel with its top covered – as soon as it gets scratched, the entire disc is revealed, including the pocket where the ball has landed. Then, there is a card that could qualify for being referred to as a very basic layout: it contains five pre-set bets that involve individual numbers (straights or singles) together with the specific prize that each one carries. Once the wheel is “spun” and the “layout” is shown, you can determine your winnings.

William Hill Santa ScratchSanta Scratch. Ho, ho, ho! Match three Santas in a row! That is the only requirement in order to win, simply locate three of them in row among the stockings, stars, presents, deer and other traditional Christmas elements. The prize for every round is shown above the main 3×3 card, it can reach as high as x10,000 the price paid.

William Hill Love MatchLove Match. This Cupid-themed game requires matching three angels in a row, column or diagonally in order for the winnings to be brought about, the amount of which is also revealed for every individual round in a separate scratch box above the main 3×3 card. Find the angelic creatures among the roses, bottles of champagne, love letters and other love-inspired items and you can win up to £100k!

William Hill Football ManiaFootball Mania. The main card is represented by a football field image with six delineated boxes, a “prize” one is located by the lower-left corner of it and all you have to do in order to win is match the prize symbol to any of the six on the main card. Payouts can reach as high as x10,000.

William Hill Beetle BingoBeetle Bingo. This is scratch card bingo presented in one of the most unique settings. The jungle is in the background, the cards are held together by bamboo sticks and a jar containing 90 beetles, each one designated by a distinct number, is shaken and then turned upside down, allowing fifteen lucky numerals to be shown. You have three sets of five numbers each to match the ones on the beetles that have been let out of the jar; every set involves a different randomly assigned prize, but the most fortunate situation can fetch as much as £10k.

William Hill Blackjack ScratchcardBlackjack Scratchcard. How about a combination of blackjack and scratch cards? Yes, there is a table; you are dealt three sets of two cards each to beat the dealer’s one set. For both parties, one card is dealt face-up and one face-down for any particular set. After that, you “flip” the face-down cards by scratching them – beat the dealer and win up to £10k!

William Hill Classic Slots ScratchWilliam Hill Classic Slots Scratch. You can simultaneously play at three slot machines; the lines are shown by scratching and so are the prizes attached to each “device”. Match three symbols (classic slot images, including the “bar” sign, plums, grapes, etc.) on any of the three lines and become the lucky winner. Cards, each one comprising the whole machine trio, can be purchased for £0.50, £1, £2, £5 or £10.

William Hill Easter Surprise ScratchEaster Surprise Scratch. Match three rabbits in a row, column or diagonally and win up to £10k! Find them among the diversely colored eggs and the prize is all yours. Also, if you wish to play the slot variant of this game, you can do so directly from the lobby.