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With Cryptocurrency now being on the rise, the way we think about monetary transactions online has changed dramatically from what we had not even ten years ago. It’s easy to understand, it’s universal, it keeps you private – all the good qualities that keep people from all walks of life using crypto on daily basis.

As such, Cryptocurrency has become a staple in the lives of bettors all over the world. People who get restricted by their government or even by the bookies, as well as those who just want to keep their hobby private, can now use Cryptocurrency to fund the accounts they have opened with the best betting agent in the world – BET-IBC.

Crypytocurrencies for betting

So how do you exactly define Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency (or simply Crypto) is a digital currency which bases its security in encryption, hence the name. It also doesn’t have a central computer or server powering it, which means that hacking or falsifying them is almost impossible. You can send it to anyone regardless of where in the world they are and never worry about currency exchange and the safety of the transactions.

What types of Cryptocurrency are there?

Right now, with Bitcoin holding over half of the Crypto market capacity, there are hundreds of altcoins (alternatives to the original one) being used more or less every day. This is why all the best betting brokers such as BET-IBC offer multiple Crypto options for you to open a betting account: you can get a betting account via betting agent, BET-IBC, and make your first deposit in any Cryptocurrency you would like, quick and easy.

Deposit Bitcoin to your betting account


When you hear the term “Cryptocurrency”, Bitcoin is the most likely thing to come to mind because of its pioneering the industry of digital currency, and because of its wide reach, spanning all over the world. For most people, Bitcoin is just an investment of dubious value and questionable origin. But only those, who take their time to do the research and get to know this payment method, understand that Bitcoin is, in fact, the future of the free market, not bound to any centralized entity. We are the second type, and we want to show everyone how convenient and easy it is to use Bitcoin to secure your transactions with the betting agents. Not only is Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals welcome, but they are also preferred when it comes to working with BET-IBC.