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Matchbook is one of the best Betting Exchanges worldwide. The online bookmaker has been active since 2005. For newbies, a betting exchange is an alternative to the more traditional fixed odds bookmakers, allowing users to set their own odds and bet against each other. You choose whether you wish to back or lay a particular bet, and agree on the odds. One of the biggest advantages that Matchbook has is the low commission when compared to the competition. You can open Matchbook via a betting agent .


Betting options

When you bet at this site, you have access to a large library of sports to bet on, and you can expect around 18,500 betting options available at the site. This is great for expert bettors as they can find more niche markets that offer higher odds levels and more opportunities to get ahead of other punters.


Another interesting feature is Live Streaming. You can bet on an event as it is on-going. Matchbook offers a massive variety of in-play bets that you can put a stake on. And with the multiple betting option, you will probably enjoy betting on more than one outcome in order to increase the amount of money you are likely to win.



The betting limit is a must to consider when betting online. Matchbook doesn’t impose a limit on how much you can bet, as long as your bet is matched.



All the aforementioned would benefit anything if the odds are not good. The good news is that Matchbook’s odds are higher than most of other bookmakers. 



There’s no doubt that Matchbook is one of the best in the industry. It offers high odds, fair commission, a large selection of markets, and a user friendly interface. There is a lot of depth and breadth here that shows how great Matchbook is. Opening a Matchbook account one of the best things you can do.