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Sports betting is by far William Hill’s most practiced activity. In fact the brand’s founding stone. In 1934, when the company was founded, sports betting was its exclusive business and remained so even after William Hill had gone online. Nowadays, despite being an all-inclusive firm, William Hill still focuses a lot of attention and energy on its sports betting field, even though the first place in this domain is firmly held by Betfair for years now. You can get an original Betfair account with the only broker on the market that can provide them – Account Exchange.

Thus, the range of bets and odds is vast and the types of events covered are even more varied. First of all, football is held in high regard at William Hill, like any other sportsbook; it is possible to bet on the most obscure games of the most obscure tournaments or leagues. But a more exciting prospect is that you can wager on the smallest details of major matches. Care to predict the correct score? Or do you want to designate the top scorers? Is handicap betting the thing for you?

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The main covered activities are football, tennis, cricket, horse racing, greyhounds and the virtual world. However, this does not limit the opportunities to bet on other sports. Politics are covered as well, along with financials. Another interesting and unique field to bet on is called “TV/Specials”: the most popular specials are whatever is most followed at a certain point in time, e.g. “what will William and Kate name their baby?” But you can always bet on weather specials, which despite being shown on TV can be watched without it as well. Other competitions that are regularly covered by William Hill: The X Factor, Europe’s Prime Time Singing Contest – Eurovision Song Contest, Dancing with the Stars, BBC Sports Personality of the Year – the list goes on. These and many others are all possible, even though when it comes to variety Bet365 is the place we advise. You can sign up for a Bet365 account today while the offer still stands!


Football is indeed the most covered activity at William Hill sports betting. The UK has 15 different leagues covered (they can be English, Scottish, Welsh, and Northern Irish), the two main UEFA competitions (Champions’ League and Europa League) are fully available and four Italian leagues can be bet on. Most of the European countries have their top championships available for wagering. International football, too, receives a lot of attention. If not as constantly action-packed as the European one, it still keeps one interested. However, nowadays there are much more convenient ways to bet on football: for example, BET-IBC’s VIP betting platform, where due to the way the platform is built you will always get the highest limits and odds. More regarding sports betting news on BBC Football category.


Horse Racings receive much attention in all its various forms: horses, greyhounds, motor sports, cycling – the list goes on. Horse racing, by tradition, is the most popular of these to be bet upon and William Hill takes that into account by intensively covering it (competitions all over the world and some virtual ones, too, are available).