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BET-IBC best Agent

BET-IBC – the best betting agent has been around since 2007. Right from the start it was the go to place for everyone that needed a trustable broker with an ever growing assortment of offered Sportsbook and Exchange bookmakers.

There aren’t many betting brokers out there. Actually let’s put it otherwise: there aren’t many GOOD betting brokers out there. Brokers where punters can rely upon and trust that they will not just disappear one day out of the blue. And there have been quite a few such cases in the past. However, when an agent celebrates 10 full years of active and uninterrupted service it can only mean that we are talking about a well-established and well-respected brand name. BET-IBC is called the best agent for Asian bookies precisely because of this.

For the uninitiated, a betting agent or betting broker provides a link between the players and the bookmakers. For a number of reasons, not all players have access to all bookmakers. A broker mediates so that everyone can have access to the bookmaker of their choice. And BET-IBC excels at this role.

The BET-IBC website is always up-to-date and it is available in 31 different languages. It includes various betting news, the currently available bookmakers where you can sign up for a betting account via agent easily, reviews on those bookmakers and a comprehensive set of instructions on how to use their services. The site also contains a lot of helping tools for all bettors (regardless of their status as customers) such as an odds converter, an Asian Handicap calculator, tutorials and a section for trading software. There is also a live-scores section where almost all main sport events can be found, as well as a latest tips from professional tipsters. They also run promotions and offers for those lucky ones that are always on the lookout.

Through BET-IBC currently you can sign up for Asian Bookie account at Sportsbooks like BetISN, PS3838, Sbobet, and their very own VIP betting platform. For those that prefer Exchanges, they can find their solutions at Matchbook and OrbitX.