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What is a betting Agent?

A sports betting agent like the best betting agent, BET-IBC is a person, an office, or an organization specialized in offering high – quality services in the sports betting industry. In many cases, the help of a betting agent is needed due to the client’s country of residence or jurisdiction. Dealing with a sports betting agent is the only way to open a betting account in such cases. Of course, betting agents offer many other important services. They handle your transactions, solve your problems whenever needed, maintain your accounts, and offer many other services that will help you focus on your betting. To summarize, the betting agents work as an intermediary between the bookmakers and the bettors.

Best betting Agents

Advantages of using a Betting Agent

Best Odds – A betting agent will give you the possibility to take advantage of the best odds available for all betting events.

Higher Limits – While a professional high stake bookmaker such as Pinnacle Sports or an exchange like Betfair already offer limits that are suitable for most of professional bettors, using an Agent can allow you to increase the limits. For example, the best betting agent BET-IBC offers a service named Skype betting, via which you can bet with the highest stakes you can imagine.

No Geographical Restrictions – It is frustrating that one cannot bet on an original Bet365 or a Betfair account simply because of their residence. Getting help from a betting agent will allow you to place your bets on these bookmakers as your broker is simply placing the bets on your behalf.

Are betting agents reliable? – The first concern most people have using a betting broker is the trust issues. Doing some research in this sense is crucial as there new betting agents that you can have hard time relying on. What we can advise you is that you should look for those who have been in this business for a long time. Two of those betting agents are BET-IBC and ACC-EX. If you want to get an original Bet365 account then ACC-EX will be the perfect choice for you! For those who prefer to get the best betting software VIP-IBC, then we will recommend the best betting agent BET-IBC who have been in the business since 2007.