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Skrill to deposit for BET-IBC is an e-commerce establishment that expedites online payments and money transfers among 200 countries and territories. Founded on June 17, 2001, it was incorporated in the UK as Moneybookers Limited on July 27, 2001, and became the first business of this kind to be granted an electronic money license by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). It currently transacts with 135,000 merchants and is a proud owner of awards and plaudits from 14 various major events. Remarkably, Skrill was designated as the company possessing the highest growth potential among European Internet companies after earning the Unique Leadership and Best Global Potential awards in 2011, thereby becoming the only company of this type to be awarded twice during the same year.

Its efficacy and dependability when it comes to sports betting in Asia or gambling in general is further emphasized by the fact that numerous bookmakers and casinos are situated in countries such Antigua & Barbuda or Malta because of the favorable financial and legal conditions that they offer. Traditional transfers to such locations can be burdensome both as to time and money, but Skrill makes it all easy, fast, and convenient.


There are many different ways by which fund uploading can be carried on in various countries, but 6 methods are universal: international bank transfer (free of charge), Visa, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, and Diners Club (all involving a 1.90% fee). The supported local methods of payment are available in over 30 countries and a great portion of them demand no fees: you should research them to find more advantageous ways to deposit.

Withdrawals can be accomplished in all countries by IBS (international bank transfer) with the split option for a fee of €1.80 or check (USD, EUR, or GBP) with a €3.50 charge. Visa is a supported local method of payment in about 30 countries and the fee is €1.80, the same as for an IBS. We strongly recommend you open a Skrill account to transfer money to Asian sportsbooks as the best payment option for a number of reasons. First of all, the service is by far the fastest means of transferring money online and the cheapest one at it.


  • Digital wallet: Labeled the next generation of online payments, it only needs an e-mail address and a password; it gives you the benefit of security and convenience for online transactions.
  • Direct payment processing: Directed more toward businesses, this feature allows one’s store to accept over 100 payment methods, which can range from credit/debit cards to instant bank transfers and local payment options.
  • Money transfers: All that is required is the recipient’s e-mail address in order to instantly transfer to him/her any sum of money.
  • Risk and fraud management: Skrill’s experienced personnel scan and validate transactions by using the most advanced scoring and anti-fraud protection tools.
  • Moneybookers MasterCard: Great for many activities, it is described in detail in the special section below.
  • Currency services: Processing is supported in over 200 countries and territories and settlements are allowed in more than 40 denominations.
Choose Skrill to deposit on your betting account
  • Clicking on APPLY NOW on the right of the card’s homepage
  • Creating a free account and ticking “I want to apply for the Moneybookers MasterCard card”
  • Clicking on UPLOAD FUNDS in order to load the balance, including the €10 application fee, into the account
  • Clicking on MY ACCOUNT, then “My MasterCard” and “Apply”. After that, proof of address and identity has to be supplied. The sent documentation is protected by Skrill in accordance with its established terms and policies.
  • Confirming the application, after which the Moneybookers MasterCard will be promptly mailed to the client.

When buying from the US, the customer can benefit from inexpensive, rapid and secure shipping, but that’s not all: Skrill offers, in partnership with Skyshop, a US tax-free address from which goods are shipped directly to one’s home. Be advised that we recommend Skrill, as it accepts Asian bookmakers, just open an account, and use it for deposits and withdrawals on your best betting agent, BET-IBC.


Not only is Skrill licensed by the FSA, but also by 43 American states (with the other 7 either in the process of granting a license or just not requiring one). Privacy is protected and frauds are prevented by employing state-of-the-art encryption technologies.

The company is presently working on stamping out emerging threats – the typical scams (apartment, car, online dating, auction site, phishing and reverse escrow) that swindlers perpetrate by involving Skrill and sometimes going as far as claiming their cooperation. An online tutorial and a disclaimer are accessible – they have the important purpose of protecting clients from con artists.


Creating an account is a fast and easy process; it is categorized right from the start as either consumer or business. After selecting one of the types, only one more step is necessary for personal accounts to be established – two more for business ones. A person only has to type in his/her basic details and preferences, while a business has to declare its sales activity on top of that. The opportunity of acquiring a Moneybookers MasterCard is also available when creating the account.


Being a pre-paid card that connects directly to the client’s digital wallet, 96% of the Skrill customers recommend it. No commitment is required – tie-ins, monthly, or cancellation fees are not charged – and there is the possibility to withdraw your balance any time you choose. The worldwide ATM withdrawal fee is set at €1.80 and shopping in any country is free – the only other costs are the 10 EUR per year maintenance and 2.49% currency exchange fees. A full statement is available online, just as in the case of banks and four currencies can be used: EUR, GBP, PLN, and USD. The appealing part is the availability of benefits and rebates with brands such as Vodafone, Xbox, or The Body Shop – instant discounts and up to 30% rebates for these and other big names.