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Why to bet on Asian Bookmakers

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Asian bookmakersMany people might think that Asian bookmakers offer only options for Asian players, but this is not the case. Some of them even target European punters, you should give it try. You can get an account via the best agent for Asian bookmakers and confirm by yourself. In the world of betting the choice of the bookmaker is as important as the choice of the agent. Obviously the agent can guide you through so that you can make the right choices, so, just click the link above. But we will be your agent for these 2 minutes while you read through the article/Grab what suits you and contact us if you need to clear some doubts and let starts exploring new lands for even greater profit.

Advantages of Asian Bookmakers

Firstly, it is well known that Asian bookmakers is the refuge high rollers of high punters depending on how you call them. But none the less my advise will be to try the Asian bookies, if you are a high bettor the nits definitely for you. Moreover, who will deny the fact the highest bettor was once a beginner? So everyone can get a taste of how Asian bookies are. The millionaire punters can definitely check the hard facts about skype betting; this has been made specially for them.

With Asian bookmakers besides having a fast and simple verification, you have high odds and high stake limits. This makes them even a good choice for high punters or professionals, but not limiting the beginners. Additionally, you will have Asian Handicap markets and a much higher liquidity. With the Asian Handicap market you will be able to easily do your arbs thanks to the 2-way system of odds.

Also, it is worth noting that Asian bookmakers may not necessarily be Asian companies. You can see that some Asian bookies are registered and active in places like Malta and Curaçao. This, for example is the case for Pinnacle.

One amazing opportunity you should not miss is a betting platform which has many Asian bookmakers, more than 9 which is amazing. There you will be able to fine big Asian bookies like Sbobet, Pinnacle, SingBet and BetISN. Besides these bookies you will also find exchanges on the platform like Betfair, Betdaq and Matchbook. And this is not all, so hurry up and sign up on the best betting software now to bet on these Asian bookies. VIP-IBC will present to you a new way of betting with amazing features like Skype brokerage and the others. You should give it a try and come back to us with a feedback.


If you are not still convinced by the above then no problem European bookies are good too but if you want to one day take a big risk to start winning big then know that you will be welcome by any Asian bookie. I would have advised you to not get distracted by the bonuses, nevertheless, if that is where your heart desire is then you can check the bonuses and promotions which we have.

Why are online casinos more attractive?

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Best online casino bonuse via betting agentIt is a well-known fact that the first-ever casinos emerged in Italy in the 17th century. It took a little longer when saloons started to appear in the United States. In these saloons, people enjoyed card games as a pastime. For years, saloons were the gathering point of strangers sitting and gambling in the same table. However, gambling in the US soil was outlawed in the early years of the 20th century. Only in 1931 did the senate legalize gambling and the first-ever casinos were built in Las Vegas, Nevada. In today’s world, we know Las Vegas as the holy land of gambling. Nevertheless, a game-changer was introduced with the help of digitalization and now there is a new player in this holy lands of the Internet. We are talking about Online Casinos. Today we are going to analyze why online casinos are much more attractive in today’s world.

You’re Anonymous!

Gambling is not an act of shame at all! However, in many cultures, it is accepted as a sinful practice. Moreover, there are many people who hide the fact that they gamble from their families due to financial and personal reasons. For that reason, gambling online is a perfect solution to hide your identity and gamble without limits. Betting broker for original bet365 promises its clients that all personal data gathered will not be exposed no matter what. We also think that gambling via betting brokers are a much safer way.

You can gamble anywhere!

Due to the nature of land-based casinos, you need to be there physically to use your favorite slot machine. However, thanks to technology, gambling lovers are now able to gamble through their mobile phones, iPads, notebooks, and any device that is connected to the internet.

An extensive list of games!

As you’re not limited to only one casino on the internet, there are many options you can indulge yourself with. Let’s take bet365 casino for example. When you explore their portfolio, you will see that thousands of slot games, hundreds of card games, and plenty of rooms with traditional casino games are there. And what’s better is that they are only one click away.

Bonuses and Promotions!

Many online casinos do have welcome bonuses for new users. We’ve already reviewed the best online casinos for you in our website. Most bookmakers do not need bonuses or promotions to attract their potential clients as the service they offer is satisfying already. However, if you are looking for the best casino bonuses and promotions, we are here to help you as well!

A new and shine Club World Cup: four years and more teams

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The Club World Cup is not only the perfect opportunity for millions of fans to see their favorite clubs but also to bet via best betting software on it and the ideal setting for the world of sports betting aimed at this broad market. That is why the new project of FIFA, planned to start in 2021, has aroused a general interest. For more than two years FIFA has been discussing what to do with the Club World Cup. Some of the reasons why the current format of the tournament does not work are that it is not “sufficiently inclusive”, that it became “predictable” (nine of the last ten champions were from Europe) and that, as it is played in December, complicates the main European and South American leagues, which are in full competition.

FIFA evaluated seven possible configurations for the tournament and decided for 24 teams, divided into eight zones of three clubs each. Only the first of each group is classified, and then they play qualifying matches: quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals. In total, 31 matches will be played every four years. The figure implies a decrease of 35% in relation to the 48 matches played over four years with the current version of a tournament per year. This is an amazing opportunity to improve your betting skills, open a betting account via an agent, and start winning lots.

In addition to modifying the tournament’s dispute mode and expanding the number of participating teams, FIFA also proposes a change of the calendar. If now it is disputed in December, it is intended that since 2021 it will be played between the end of June and beginning of July. It has its reasons: it is a nod to the powerful European leagues, whose strong competition usually ends between May and the first days of June. In addition, there is no major international tournament at 2021-2025-2029, so it opens an interesting window for FIFA to impose the new format of the Club World Cup and could guarantee maximum exposure.

Once the FIFA Council approves the “concept” of the new Club World Cup, the continental confederations will have to agree on how many teams and how they will classify them. FIFA made its own assessment of that distribution of seats, taking into account, above all, the economic importance of the participating clubs. UEFA would have half of the places available (12), followed by Conmebol (4.5), Asia (2), Africa (2), Concacaf (2) and Oceania (0.5). The organizing country would reserve the last spot.

According to the projections made, FIFA administration expects to raise between 650 and 1000 million dollars, which would be reinvested almost entirely in the clubs. The FIFA Council will make a decision on the reform just in June, but in the meantime, football fans do not have to wait until 2021 to see the best teams and choose the TOP Asian bookmakers via broker to bet at because the World Cup in Russia is getting closer, enjoy the fair play!

Introducing a trusted agent: BET-IBC

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BET-IBC – the best betting agent on the market!

In this era of everything being online, the online gambling field is growing increasingly as well as the number of bettors banned or limited by the bookmakers just because they are high-rollers, and have a good betting strategy. Those bettors are always looking for a trusted agent in order to open accounts at the best bookies, that’s why today I will introduce BET-IBC.

BET-IBC is a betting agent that will help you to open accounts at different Asian bookmakers. They will follow and care of our transactions and you can also bet with the highest limits. They have different payment methods. Actually, via BET-IBC you can bet with cryptocurrencies, which is something not offered but many gambling sites. Among the cryptocurrencies they work with, there is BITCOIN (BTC), ETHEREUM, Neo, Litecoin, Zcash, Monero, Ripple, Dash, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold.

BET-IBC offers exchange and sportsbook accounts to clients. Among the bookies, they offer, you can find such as: Betfair, Maxbet. Sbobet, Betisn, Turf7, Best Betting Exchange, Pinnacle, Matchbook.

Even, they offer a platform where we can bet on multiple bookies at the same time, this is the VIP.IBC platform. In my opinion, if you are a professional bettor, you should have it. It allows you to access the best bookmakers with a single account. Also, what I like about this is that we can compare odds and see them side by side!

In brief, if you like betting and you want an account on those above-mentioned bookies and you need to sign up for betting account via broker and start placing your desired bets.

The advantages of online casinos

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Casinos have become a large part of the cities economy and hundreds of thousands of people lives. Casinos are exciting for many people who feel they have a chance to win it big. Statistically, online casinos are accessed by users more often than land-based ones. It is a prolific form of online gambling. Online casinos generally offer odds and payback percentages that are a bit higher than land-based casinos.

Gambling online casino is enough because you can play the game anytime and make money quite often. Be it money you win or bonuses that you are converting into real cash, online gambling is enough. Online casino gambling opens up a new world for you. It is like a new generation of life has come into being if you play online gambling.

It is amazing technology that has been put forward to take care of the needs of the players who hardly have time to travel to the land-based casino to gamble that roulette game or blackjack game to get fun or make money. You will find all these games at the palm of your hand with your internet connected gadgets. This may be that mobile phone or that laptop or computer that you have in front of your comfortable chair or couch that you normally sit to relax and get relieved from hard day’s work or a long time of traveling.

Your online gambling casino is there to meet your needs where you are. It is indeed an invention that will stand the test of time and test of competition from the land-based casino! Embracing online gambling casino games is a great step you would ever take and great achievements you would always be proud of. Online gambling casino games have quite a number of advantages that make it possible for you to easily make money and get great fun you have always dreamed of! The games are cheap because there are no overhead costs that are involved.

Online casinos usually offer these gambling games:

  • baccarat;
  • blackjack;
  • craps;
  • roulette;
  • sic bo;
  • slot machines;
  • poker;
  • bingo etc.

Moreover, you can check out the leading betting broker – BET-IBC with its top online casino providers for you to choose easier from the best! Just make your choice and enjoy playing and winning!