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Poker Players ImageSportmarket is one of the few betting agents that have managed to withstand the test of time and still provides quality services to the bettors all around the world to this day. It functions in the form of a betting platform that allows you to place bets on offers from several different bookies from one single account, which is the main attractive point of this agent.

The idea of a betting platform isn’t new – it has been done before: for example, BET-IBC’s product, VIP-IBC is considered to be the best betting platform on the market, and Sportmarket gives way to VIP-IBC in a lot of domains like minimal deposits and the amount of bookies represented inside.


Sportmarket offer Betdaq, Ga288, Matchbook, BetISN, Matchbook and SBObet in unlimited capacity. This is a standard betting platform set – the minimum required to create the illusion of choice and for the clients’ comfort. They also have RedZone, Smarkets, Singbet, and Betfair in limited access only for those, who sign up for the service from the unrestricted countries.

In comparison, you can sign up for the VIP betting platform of BET-IBC and get all of these bookmakers in your account, no matter where you are from. They also offer odds and liquidity of original Pinnacle account, which makes VIP-IBC essentially unbeatable in this domain.

Deposits & Withdrawals

This is where the good stats of Sportmarket really take a plunge: their minimum amounts for deposits and withdrawals are unreasonably high, and the amount of 250 EUR is too much for someone who just wants to casually bet as a pastime. This also applies to minimum bet amount, which only recently has dropped from 50 EUR to 25 EUR, and that is an especially glaring difference to VIP-IBC’s 100 EUR minimum deposit and 1 EUR minimum bet.

High Rollers

Sadly, not only isn’t Sportmarket casual punters-friendly, it also doesn’t have any good options for those bettors who want to win big. Developments like the Skype Betting Brokerage function on VIP-IBC is still too fresh to be copied and implemented to their platform, so if you want to bet some big amounts, VIP-IBC can offer you six digit stakes on any market, big or small, regardless of the market’s liquidity.

Final verdict

This is an average run-of-the-mill betting platform that is good enough for those who don’t want betting to be a lighthearted hobby, but don’t want to make a living on betting either. VIP-IBC, on the other hand, is build to satisfy all types of customers, and we recommend them to our audience over Sportmarket specifically for this reason. Register for the best betting software now and enjoy a new level of betting you have never experienced before!