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E-wallets are the most secure method of performing online transactions – that is due to the fact that they represent more than just another debit card. First of all, an e-wallet can be used as a credentials authenticator, thereby decreasing the probability of fraud or underage purchases. Then, one or more bank accounts can be tied to the e-wallet, along with uploaded funds, both being highly protected. Also, shipping and billing data is stored directly in the database and does not have to be re-entered for every additional purchase. When used for gaming purposes, the practicality of e-wallets is simply impressive: the customer does not have to wait for days in order to complete a mere transfer. Not only that, but the fact that many online venues are located in small-island countries and transferring money to them using a regular account can prove a real burden, is another great advantage in employing e-wallets: with them these transactions can be performed as easily as any other ones – in a matter of minutes. The popularity trend is constantly on the increase when it comes to e-wallets, with many sources forwarding the idea that in the not-so-distant future they will replace physical wallets. Although doubted by many, this hypothesis is gaining ground in Japan, where Osaifu-Keitai or “wallet mobiles” are ever-growing in acclaim and use.