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In the age of technology, betting world also moved to the online platforms. And those of you who are professional bettors must already know how the online betting works. But maybe we should also explain for newcomers, how things work in this great adventure. Bookmakers or shortly bookies are simply a company built for providing offers to the players in the betting industry. They offer hundreds of sports, markets and odds to every kind of bettor. Bookmakers can be categorized in many different ways. There are Asian/European bookmakers or exchange/sportsbook bookmakers. At the moment Asian bookmakers are in high demand. If you are not living in Asia and worry about how to open a betting account in the Asian market, open an account via the best betting agent, BET-IBC. They are considered the best bookmaker for Asian bookies and from high rollers to newcomers they can all enjoy betting in a new level.

Find the best bookmakers with WilliamHill Casino

Find the best bookmakers with WilliamHill Casino

In the text above we already mentioned exchange and sportsbook bookmakers. Everybody might not be familiar with these terms. These terms are defining how the bookmakers work. In sportsbooks you bet against the house, which is the bookmaker himself, and you can only choose to back the odds. The bookie decides the odds and the minimum stake limits. Some examples of noteworthy sportsbooks are PS3838 (formerly Pinnacle) renowned for having the lowest margin on the market. Sbobet, one of Asia’s most popular bookmakers and the world’s leading specialist on Asian handicap. 3et which is the newest addition to market. They are a sportsbook with unlimited access, no commissions and top-class odds. Lastly bet365 is a European sportsbook with the largest sports variety and markets.

In betting exchanges, you can make both back and lay bets, which means the players are betting against each other, and they can decide the stakes and odds. Some notable examples of betting exchanges are Betfair which probably the most famous and most wanted betting exchange, where you can bet on almost anything, Matchbook, which is always expanding and surprising with bigger volumes and new markets, they have the greatest liquidity and the most significant pool of US sports. Lastly Orbit Exchange, which is the white label of Betfair and maybe something more for your needs.

In this website we will try to give you the options where you can find the best bookmaker for casino. But also, we would like to mention that there are betting platforms where you can find multiple bookies in one account. VIP-IBC, which considered as the best betting software can be a great example for this. By opening an account, you would have access to more than 10+ top rated Asian bookies with a single account and be able to compare their odds, so you can always choose the best option for your bets.